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I believe that happiness is a choice. We have a vision or a story about what our happiness looks like and what our life should be. Sometimes things happen that are not our choice and the story or our vision is shifted without our consent. This shift causes us stress. How do we get back on the path? What does it take to start living and experiencing a life with less stress, more energy, and puts you back in control of your life? In my Free-Yourself Signature Program I help you to change your mindset and to discover the life you deserve.

10 Alkaline Foods Good For Your Body

Here are the list of food that are rich in alkaline. Our body needs blood PH of about 7.4 to be considered alkaline. To maintain that the best options are to stay away from acidic foods. Follow this food diet below to get body rich in alkaline and stay fit.

Eating Right With 5-Ingredient Foods

What's your priority when it comes to staying healthy? Would you prefer to eat right at the first place or exercise later? Having a personal trainer or hitting the gym does not work well with many. When you choose the 5-ingredient food plan, you end up staying fit and fab.

Simple Ways To Figure Out If You Have Magnesium Deficiency

Drinking one too many sodas, alcoholic drinks, or cups of coffee can leach out the body's magnesium. Stress, certain drugs, and calcium supplements (without magnesium) cause magnesium depletion. Refined sugars have zero magnesium and promote its excretion instead. Insomnia, hyperactivity, muscle cramps, and facial tics are also warning signs of Mg deficiency.

Foods to Eat and Avoid For Hashimoto’s Disease [Thyroid Related Auto Immune Disease]

Thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease that targets the thyroid gland which plays a key role in maintaining immunity. Consume fruits, vegetables, beans, fish, raw nuts, quinoa and buckwheat. Add sea salt and spices. Avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, trans fats and allergen causing foods such as shellfish, soy, gluten, dairy and peanuts.

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