Kymberly Williams

Fitness professionals, Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA are twins and proud baby boomers. They have been in the exercise industry since the first aerobics studio opened in Europe--with them--before leg warmers and thong leotards were the rage. Their international fitness experience spans land, sea, and airwaves. Together they bring their knowledge and upbeat style to their blog Fun And Fit: Active Living for Boom Chicka Boomers (funandfit.org) and to events.

Best Exercise To Improve Memory

As you age, memory loss is common. More than strength training, more than brain games, the champion way to improve memory is to exercise aerobically. Cardio exercise will improve your memory, recall, attention span, and focus. There are lot of aerobic activities available like kickboxing, indoor cycling, outdoor bike riding, getting on treadmills, elliptical machines, and the stairclimber. Keep at bay the memory loss or halt its progress.

3 Fitness Trends For Older Adults

It's difficult to find a fitness regime made specifically for older adults. Only lately has there been more focus on workout programs for the age group. Whether you're just starting or already practicing exercises, adopt these 3 trending fitness themes to help you improve your everyday regime and make it more effective.

Healthy Habits: Small Changes Lead To Big Changes!

Check out the following tips to use your mind to make small changes that add up and lead to the desired big changes as you create new, healthy habits.

What To Eat Before Or After A Workout

Implement these pre and post-workout nutrition tips in your current regimen to boost your energy levels and fuel up the right way.

7 Small, Specific Steps For A Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

Set realistic fitness goals. If you feel you’re about to overeat, jot down the quantity as a visual warning of a bad diet decision. Buy groceries from a farmer’s market. Walk 1000 extra steps in a day, and do 5 pushups and 10 squats daily. Reduce your portion size by using smaller plates for dinner and stowing the extra food out of sight in the refrigerator. Treat yourself for even the little goals you achieve.

Exercise Boosts Confidence And Builds Positive Body-Image

Cultures vary in their criteria for classifying one as beautiful or not. Are we spending our lives trying to live up to that unrealistic expectation? Simply put - you are what you feel. Walk tall for an immediate confidence boost. Exercise so you begin to love your body and exude a happy natural glow. Tell yourself every day that you are attractive, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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