8 Strange Dreams Related To Pregnancy And Their Meaning

Women are often known to get bizarre dreams during pregnancy. Many women also get dreams of getting pregnant and birthing, waking up to feel uneasy and perplexed. This isn’t completely unusual—getting dreams of pregnancy and during pregnancy can have different meanings.

Patricia GarPh.D.ld, Ph.D., who is a dream and dreaming expert says that the dreams pregnant women see are also related to their condition during pregnancy. The author of Creative Dreaming and co-founder of the Association for the Study of Dreams adds that women are more likely to remember their dreams. The reason being expectant moms might wake-up to baby kicks at night or more commonly get up to urinate in late hours of the night—she can recall the dream she had seen previously than when waking up after sleeping throughout the night.


We have compiled some common dreams women get during pregnancy and also tried to reason them out. Here are 8 kinds of dreams moms may have and what can they infer from them.

1. Dreaming About Becoming Pregnant

If women dream about pregnancy and see themselves with heavy legs, it means something big is going to happen in their lives for which they are not completely ready. Maybe those women are not ready to accept a huge change in their lives.


2. Dreams Of Pregnancy Test

One direct meaning could be fear of getting pregnant. If in your dreams you are checking the pregnancy strip and experiencing the emotion of fear, it could mean you are averting from a change that might happen in your life—clearly, you may not be prepared for it like a test you haven’t studied for.

3. Dreaming About Having A Baby Bump

It could be frightening to look at a big belly right in front of you—without having a clue how you got one. You may even, straight away, have a baby cradling in your arms. These reflect your innocence and warmth, many times an indication of the beginning of something new in your life.


4. Dreams Of An Ultrasound

If you are planning to have babies soon, this could be your dream. You may not want to count it among the negative ones—it only shows up if you are starting afresh with something in life. For instance, moving to a new place or have taken up a new job could trigger such a dream.

5. Dreaming About Being Rushed To Hospital

You might have this dream when you are pregnant, which is more likely—it is a subtle hint that you want to be cared for. You may wish to depend on people who are close to you in situations of crises.


6. Dreams Of Birthing A Strange, Non-Human Creature

Moms could freak out waking up from this dream, but experts say that a nightmare like this isn’t unusual. As a mom, you may be concerned about your unborn baby’s health. This could also be an indication of obstacles in life that come in between of what you want to achieve.

7. Dreams Of A Still Born Or Death In The Labor Room

A dream like that could be heartbreaking or terrifying for a mom. Do you have a fear of labor and birth?—if so, talk to you doctor, midwife, or a mom-friend about it, they might help vent out your fears. This could also indicate your distrust in someone or something or a possibility that you have reached a dead end in life and don’t know how to deal with it.


8. Dreams About A Miscarriage

A mom having such extreme and disturbing dreams could be anxious about her pregnancy. If something about your baby is really bothering baby, talk to your doctor and get an assurance that your baby is going to be fine. If you are not pregnant and still saw this dream, an important planning in your life may not seem to be work to your advantage.

Many dreams that you see are because you have been thinking about something related to it lately or watched a movie that stayed in your head for a long time and contributed to shaping your dreams. Pregnant moms often don’t get a deep sleep in the effort of maintaining proper sleeping positions or due to frequent visits to the bathrooms at night. Experts say this is the time when you would be getting lots of dreams—dreams of joy and expectations, of hopes and even fears, which is completely normal as long as you are getting a good sleep.