6 Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Diet

6 Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Diet
6 Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Diet

With my title, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, came everyone’s assumption that I would tell them exactly what to eat. I know that it can be hard to know exactly what to eat but here is a hint; you already know you aren’t doing it right.

That’s right. You know you don’t need me to tell you. Think of the hours, days, weeks, months that you have spent googling your miracle eating plan. We have all done it. I was notorious for always being on some sort of diet way back when 3 days in, I’d be convincing myself that it wasn’t for me. It was hard. And here’s why?

It’s harder to act than do research. The action is the miracle cure. You have to do the things to make the changes instead of being stuck in planning and pondering mode. What you really need is to simplify the process and support in taking action. And here’s how you do that.

6 Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Diet

1. What are you Actually Eating?

Do you actually know what you are eating?

Do you have variety? Are your meals balanced to keep your blood sugar even? Over the next 7 days, track what you are eating at each meal, the time, how you felt before and after.

2. Balance your Meals.

What food groups were you low on in your food journal? It is important to keep your meals balanced so that your body has all the nourishment it needs to function properly. This one thing has become a major issue for the modern woman. How many of you have cut out food groups to try to lose weight? You know the one I’m referring to – carbs. Your body needs carbohydrates for so many reasons. It also requires healthy fats and proteins. So quit cutting foods out of your diet.

3. Are you Eating Enough?

I cringe when I get asked “how many calories do I need to eat?”. If you really want to know get your Basal Metabolic Rate tested at a fitness laboratory. There are also tons of online calculators. The point I am trying to make is, if you aren’t eating enough,

your body will not function properly. You will hold on to belly fat. Your healing time from injuries will drop and so will your energy levels. This may keep you unmotivated and possibly grumpy.

4. What are you Missing?

I can almost guarantee you that you are missing essential nutrients. No doubt. What do you believe you are low on? Our food is not nearly as nutritious as it used to be 35 years ago. The result of this is that the essential minerals and vitamins that our bodies need to maintain optimal cellular health (i.e. prevent degenerative diseases and illnesses) aren’t present in the modern woman’s eating.
That is scary! So you could be eating as healthy as possible but you could still be low on essential nutrients which could lead to something more than a common cold. How can you fight this? Supplementation. Period.

5. Make it Easier on Yourself.

Don’t over think it. Clean up your choices. Try not to buy that bag of chips. You know you will dig in before you go to bed tonight. Instead make something at

home like a simple salad or snacks, that will end up being both healthy and appetizing.

6. Troubleshoot your Habits.

I love supporting women in simplifying their eating. You know what to eat, you just aren’t making it happen because of a mental block. Eating the same stuff day in and out can make it boring. You want to drastically improve this area of your life but don’t know when to start. So just start. You know that if you revamp your eating that your body will thank you by dropping a few pounds and reduce any bloating. Energy levels will go up and you may even sleep through the night better.

Get your food sorted, it will be one big thing off your to do list.