Benefits Of Sea Salt For Great Skin

Benefits Of Sea Salt For Great Skin

Sea Salt is used for the benefits of health and beauty. Not only does it have innumerable skin benefits, but can also strengthen the immune system, and prove beneficial for health.

Several do-it-yourself beauty treatments can be prepared with sea salt, due to the beneficial properties present in it. It is an important element for good health, if taken in the right quantities. It is a magical formula that combines both beauty and health in a few grains!


Benefits Of Sea Salt


Natural Detoxifying Agent

Sea salt is a natural detoxifier that absorbs toxins. It is effectively used to free the skin from toxic compounds that settle between its layers, making it appear less attractive and healthy. Making a simple salt water solution will help detoxify the skin, cleansing it and benefiting in several aspects.


Exfoliating Agent 

With sea salt, you can do an exfoliation of the skin that helps remove dead cells, allowing better breathing, hence resulting in smoother and cleaner skin.

Stress Reliever

Due to its beneficial properties, sea salt helps reduce stress.


Blood Circulation

Improves and increases blood circulation and therefore is an excellent remedy against water retention.

The Benefits Of Salt With Thalassotherapy



Thalassotherapy is a treatment used since the days of the Greeks and Romans, who turned the benefits that salt propagated, to improve not only the health of the skin, but of the whole body. The benefits are also at psychological level. They improve the quality of sleep greatly.

This treatment consists of dissolving salt crystals in a tub full of hot water and soaking yourself in it.


DIY Beauty Treatments Using Sea Salt

Salt Scrub


Mix a tablespoon of coarse salt with sweet almond oil. After a quick warm shower, gently massage the body with the mix, to promote the exfoliation of the surface layer of dead cells. Rinse and apply a good moisturizer or nourishing lotion. Practice this once a week.


Salt Bath


Prepare the bathtub with hot water and 3 kg of salt. Soak in this solution for about 20 minutes. The effect is relaxing.


Salt Toner And Power Detoxifier


Mix the salt with a little water and green clay. Apply the compress on problem areas and leave it on for at least half an hour before rinsing.