5 Exotics Fruits and their Health Benefits

Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit

Getting nutrition from the food that people eat is crucial. People are only familiar about the health benefits of the fruits which are common such as apples, bananas, and oranges. There are other fruits which may not be too familiar to all but have a lot of nutritional values.  The health benefits of the fruits presented below are all helpful to people.



This fruit is a native in America and is commonly transported from South America. It looks like a lantern and is similar to tomato. This can also be used in cooking such as in pasta. This fruit has a high acid content and should not be eaten without anything in the stomach because it might cause stomach ache. This can be used as an antibacterial. In addition, it can also help cure skin tumors both cancerous and benign.


Soursop is also called guyabano. This fruit can be found in places with humidity and a little colder temperature such as Brazil, South East Asia and America. This fruit is highly acidic but is very rich in vitamins, C, B1, and A.  It also contains fibre that can be very helpful to have a smooth bowel movement. The most important benefit that can be extracted from this fruit is that it can kill cancerous cells, which could later cause cancer such as breast or colon.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit can be found in USA and Los Angeles. It contains oxidative stress that can help avoid further complication related to diabetes. If the fruit is eaten on a regular basis, this can lower down the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well. It is also high in antioxidants. Though omega 3 is commonly found in fish, the seeds of dragon fruit also contains omega 3. Omega 3 is good for the heart and can avoid inflammation.

 Prickly Pears

This fruit can be seen in the Southwest America and Mexico but many are not familiar with it. It has a sweet taste. It is said to have higher magnesium content more than an apple, orange and an ordinary pear. This magnesium content can be very helpful to avoid type 2 diabetes because it alleviates the blood sugar in the body. Aside from this, prickly pears are also called cactus pears that can help control and fight viral infection and cholesterol.


Many people are not very familiar with this fruit. Jabitucaba is a fruit that is a native in South America. The fruit of Jabuticaba tree comes out from the bark and trunk. The ripe fruit can be eaten directly.  This fruit can help cure different kinds of diseases such as diarrhea, asthma, and severe inflammation of the tonsils.

There are many fruits in the world that people are not familiar with. These fruits are very beneficial for the body because it contains nutritional values that fight even a severe ailment such as cancer.