5 Benefits Of Yoga For Ageless Longevity In Women

5 Benefits Of Yoga For Ageless Longevity In Women
5 Benefits Of Yoga For Ageless Longevity In Women

Balancing everyday life for women is often a challenge but, trying to alleviate the emotional tension through too strenuous a regimen found in high impact activities often leads to physical strain or injury, therefore the benefits of yoga for women ѕhоuldn’t be ignored. Women’s lives are busier and more stressful than ever before with the demands of work and family. Women are searching for a way to have more balance and relaxation in their lives. The constant state of stress has created various health problems from anxiety, adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, chronic fatigue, pain, and much more. Although yoga has not been proven as a cure for any particular disease, regularly practicing yoga offers women many potential health benefits.

Benefits of Yoga for Women

Reduces Stress

Whether you are a busy career woman, a housewife, or a mother, yoga is one of the most ideal ways to let go of the stress, tension, pressure or anxiety building inside of you because of the hectic days you are having. Yoga is really great in channeling out the negative energy building up inside you. Yoga encourages women

to relax, to slow the breath, and focus on the present, which in turn reduces stress levels.

Pain Relief

Yoga is a wonderful natural form which helps in getting relief from body aches. Women suffering from chronic back pain can practice gentler forms of yoga and begin to see great improvements in their back. Even women who don’t have chronic back pain, yoga’s stretching exercises can improve spinal flexibility. Practicing yoga daily can help women with pain relief from different kinds of pain including neck pain, joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more.

Improved Fitness

Yoga may not look like an active workout but holding asanas (poses) gives the body a good workout and practicing the Sun Salutations gets the heart pumping. Yoga is also a form of weight bearing exercise that helps to build strong bones; this is very important for women as bones become weaker with age and osteoporosis can develop. Muscles are also developed as it takes strength to hold the asanas and flexibility is improved as well due to the type of the various poses.

Better Breathing and Lung Capacity

Yoga involves focused and deep breathing

which increases the chest wall expansion along with forced respiratory lung volumes. In other words, it means yoga helps in improving breathing capacity along with respiratory function. Yoga is helpful not only for women suffering from breathing problems, it also improves breathing capacity and lung functions through consistent practice. It helps women to control their breathing in stressful situations and exercises lung muscles.

Pregnancy and Natural Child Birth

Yoga can be especially beneficial during pregnancy because it’s an excellent way to achieve the type of regular, gentle exercise recommended for pregnant women. Improved fitness will help women’s bodies cope with pregnancy body changes and prepare the body for labor. Women, who attend yoga classes before, during and after pregnancy, have almost no problem during and after childbirth. Practicing yoga regularly during pregnancy can help give birth to a child naturally and without any medication. For women who decide to practice yoga during pregnancy, it’s important to attend a prenatal class taught by an instructor experienced in working with pregnant women. Many regular yoga poses may be unsuitable for pregnant women.