24 Little Known Food Choices That May Help Prevent And Fight Cancer

Whether it is a possibility of cancer cells acting up in your body, a family linage of it or just wanting to keep those free radicals in your body from causing trouble, this careful selection of foods can optimize your immune system, be great fighters of cancer and other diseases.

The Veggie Party!

1. Dark And Leafy Greens


Whether its spinach, kale, Bok coy, Swiss chard, romaine lettuce and the like, they contain powerful anti-oxidants such as bioflavonoids and carotenoids, known to be cancer-fighting. They also have indoles, which are chemical compounds that control the production of estrogen from reaching cancer-causing levels. They further create enzymes to protect the body against diseases. They are best consumed as a salad with some olive oil and salt or juiced and mixed with some lemon juice.

2. Pretty Peas


Having just a cup of green beans per day increase the body’s production of coumestrol, a phytochemical that helps balance hormones in the body and lowers stomach cancer risk. This was shown in a study conducted in Mexico City, whose results were printed in the International Journal of Cancer.

3. Stoked About Artichoke


Rich in an anti-oxidant called, silymarin, it is said to be an enzyme that helps fight skin cancer. To eat this tough looking veggie, slice off the base leaves and spikey head. Then boil or steam it for about half an hour or more, once cooked it should be easy to peel the hard-leafy cover off and get to the soft heart.

4. Carry On With Cabbage


Reducing colon cancer by a mile, the bioflavonoids of cabbage, stop tumors from growing and protect cells from damage, helping reduce breast, uterus and ovarian cancer risk as it helps speed the processing of estrogen in a woman’s body.

5. Cram Some Carrots


Packed with beta-carotene and carotenoids, it has been associated to reducing the chances of lung cancer although its supplements may be harmful to smokers.

6. A Room For Mushrooms


Varieties from Portobello to white mushrooms, contain selenium, which are great battlers against cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer, according to studies done on Chinese and Korean women.

A Glass, Jugs, Mugs Or Cuppa…

7. Try Some Tea


A study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that women who drank two or more cups of black tea everyday have a 32% lower chance of getting ovarian cancer. This because of the rich antioxidants in black tea leaves, although other tea types have not been mentioned.

8. Limes or Lemons


A study conducted by Australian researchers showed that having juices of citrus and vitamin C rich fruits, as lemon water or lemonade every day, may reduce your risk of mouth, throat, and stomach cancers by 50%.

9. Care For Some Coffee


Your morning cuppa jo’ may be helping keep your body cancer-free. The National Cancer Institute’s research studies found that those that drank over four cups of regular coffee or decaf a day had a 15% lower colon cancer risk. While other studies by Harvard Medical School suggested that it also lowers risk of basal cell carcinoma (a form of skin cancer that begins in the basal cells, which are cells responsible for creating new skin cells when old ones die).

10. Pamper Me With Pomegranate Juice


UCLA conducted a study and measured some patients’ levels of prostate-specific antigens (PSA), to check for any signs of cancer. Upon drinking about 8 ounces of pomegranate juice every day, the PSA levels in those patients slowly reduced and it became a suggested possible natural treatment for the disease.

All Those Grains, Maize, Dry Fruits And Nuts…

11. Bond With Some Bran


As a rich-source of fiber, it beats other sources of hard-to-process fiber husks such as cereal grains, wheat, rice and even oats, especially to decrease colon and fat-based cancers. Bran makes a great garnish for soups or casseroles besides breakfasts.

12. Boasting Those Brazil Nuts


These crunchy bits in your salad contain selenium, a mineral that has shown to make cancer cells kill themselves. It also helps repair damaged cell DNA with studies by Harvard showing that men with higher levels of selenium in their blood had a 48% chance of not getting prostate cancer. While Cornell University studies showed that eating a cup of Brazil nuts could reduce colon and rectal cancers by 58%, lung cancer by 46 % and lower cancer-related deaths overall by 39%.

13. Chewing On That Corn


Corn has a chemical called ferulic acid, which can stop cancer-causing enzymes from doing their dirty work. Add a cup of fresh or boiled corn kernels to your salads or enjoy them as is with butter and salt.

14. Dine With Dates


Studies show that dates have a high polyphenol content (a protective plant chemical preventing the formation of cancer cells and reducing tumor growth) more than any of the veggies or fruits eaten in a day. Since dates are grown in deserts, they are naturally protected inside the palm fruit. They also have vitamin B6 and fiber that’s good for the digestive system.