10 Positive Affirmations That Can Help You Release Stress And Become A Calmer Person

Stress may seem like an integral part of your everyday life and routine. However, stress is hindering you from being healthy and relaxed, which are not just a couple of desirable qualities but what your normal state of being actually is.

The first step to releasing stress, especially habituated stress is to know that it is all rooted in your mind. Upon doing so, you also calm and settle those stress manifested issues in your body.

Being able to handle and manage stress is crucial for your health and well-being, besides diet, exercise, yoga, and the like. However, the way you mentally process stress in itself could counter anything you do to do try and get rid of it.

Just writing down, or repeating these positive affirmations to yourself more than 3 times is enough to become an incantation. Eventually, it could turn your life around positively, make you more resilient in handling difficult situations, and bring out your inner-monk so you can be a calmer and collected person no matter how trying the situation is around you.

So here are 11 positive affirmations you can use to remind yourself to relieve that stress. 1
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1. “I Am Free From Stress”


Stress roots from the subconscious belief of being unable to achieve those important tasks in your mind. So, what you need to do is separate the two by tell yourself that you can do it and are free from stress and make your mind a stress-free zone. Give those tasks some positive energy and it will automatically instill you with the determination to get it done.
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2. “I Am Letting Go Of My Worries”


Likewise, when stress is your go-to emotion, it transforms into a worry. And once it makes itself home in your mind, you find it harder to let it go, in turn churning out more negative thoughts and energy. So just tell yourself to let go of all those worries that are only creating road blocks in your mind from truly being calm and doing what you need to do.

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3. “My Mind Is Calm”


Once you have let go of the negative traffic blocking your mind’s true haven of calm, it will also give you the freedom and space to think more systematically and clearly about how to achieve your goals, without letting anything prevail over that in your mind. Just find that comfortable space in your head and just chill, things will be fine.

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4. “I Am Positive And Peaceful”


This affirmation is very important because when we write or tell ourselves this phrase repeatedly, it helps us manifest it into our daily lives and instill some powerful and peaceful energy. It in turn weakens the source of negativity or fear for that stress. Just smile to yourself and imagine yourself in a happy place.
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5. “I Take Some Time Out Each Day To Relieve My Stress”


Even if things around you are going crazy or haywire, just take a timeout from that and visit the calm zone in your mind, where you’re at peace, happy, and full of positivity. Even the busiest people need to take some time-off in between to just destress, so that they can come back to their daily duties stronger and better. Even just a few minutes every day to just chill, are enough to remind yourself not to stress over that phone ringing off the hook or that pile of files on the table.
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6. “I Am Happy And At Peace Even When Life Gets Rough”


Being calm and collected in the most stressful or troubling situations can feel impossible but that attitude will outshine any negativity in your mind by flooding it with positive energy emanating from your positive thoughts and calm mind. This way you will see yourself becoming a person that is so tough that no stressful stimuli can rob you of your choice to be calm and at peace.
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7. “Relieving Stress Is Important For My Overall Health”


When we stress out, the high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, work against a lot of our organs including our immune system. This makes our bodies more vulnerable to illnesses and in turn destroys our physical wellbeing besides our mental health. So just tell yourself that stress only makes things worse not better, so why does it matter? Just breathe in and out and carry on, you got this!
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8. “I Am Beginning To Live A More Balanced Life After Relieving My Stress”


When you truly believe, and ingrain the idea that you can do anything you set your mind to, that little voice motivated by stress slowly gets discouraged and goes away. And you will see yourself being able to achieve things in a day that you never imagined you could when you were busy being worried or stressed.
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9. “Being At Peace Is My Natural State Of Being”


Whether you think so or not, stress is not something we are naturally made to be like. Did you ever see a kid being stressed without a good reason or something provoking them to be that way? No. We all are meant to be full of joy and positivity, because folks our time on Earth is limited and we all come with a return ticket. So why waste that time being everything that makes us unhappy? Just be like Mary Poppins and fly to your happy place.

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10. “People Are Starting To Notice How Calm And Collected I Am Becoming”


Although destressing is your own personal achievement and is not something you need to do to please those around you, everyone respects a person who is calm and always keeps them as their go-to person because they secretly admire their levelheadedness in dealing with any situation without letting pressure stop them from helping themselves or others.

So, bust stress, believe that life has much more to offer than those bouts of worry and let stress go. You will slowly see your mind, body, and attitude in life change for the better too.