The 10 Worst Foods To Eat In The Morning


You may all be a little too familiar with the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But how many of you actually bother to stomach a healthy breakfast before you run off to college or work? Most people just make do with a piece of toast, or a cookie, or even worse, a bowl of cereal before they set off on their super-busy days. Truth be told, it is better to starve in the morning rather than start your day with an unhealthy meal. Those foods that you may have considered to be wholesome or nutritious throughout your lives could actually be doing you a lot of harm. Check out this list of  popular breakfast foods that you need to stay clear of.

Breakfast Cereals


Most cereal brands boast of how they make use of wholesome grains and natural ingredients that brim with vitamins and minerals. In reality, they are highly processed chemical cocktails that contain little or no amount of natural  goodness. Do you or your children love the different types of flavors and colors breakfast cereals come in? How do you think they look and taste so amazing? There is only one answer: chemicals! Let’s also not overlook the large amounts of sugar these products contain.

Pancakes And Waffles


Who wouldn’t love a fresh batch of fluffy pancakes topped with melted butter and gooey syrup the first thing in the morning? Or some heavenly smelling waffles hot out of the oven? Pancakes and waffles happen to be two of the most popular breakfast choices in America, and they are usually consumed along with toppings like butter, maple syrup, or chocolate syrup. Are you still wondering why America has a high rate of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease? We think the answer is loud and clear.

Toast With Margarine


Toast usually plays a vital role when it comes to breakfasts, and there is nothing wrong in that, as long as you use the right kind of bread and spread. Try to stay away from white bread as it screams ‘carbs’. Why not give wholegrain or multi-grain bread a shot? You will be amazed at how a simple switch can make a huge change in your life. Most people tend to use margarine instead of butter thinking its a healthier option, but it is actually high on trans fats. Why not just stick to fat-free butter or nut butters? You could also give marmalade or honey a try!



Yes, muffins are undoubtedly delicious. But let’s admit it, they are just calories in disguise!!! Made out of refined flour, vegetable oils, eggs, and heaps of sugar, muffins should definitely be on the bottom of your list of wholesome breakfasts. You better stay away from them if you do not want to end up with a personal muffin top for yourself around the middle! Just reserve them for an occasional snack or for those Monday mornings when you direly need a sugar-boost!

Fruit Juice


“What’s wrong with drinking fruit juice in the mornings?”, you may ask. Would you believe it if we point out that they are one of the reasons why you’re gaining weight? Some fruits actually contain very little juice content and higher amounts of sugar. Also, those fruit juice cartons with the pictures ‘sun-kissed oranges’ and ‘handpicked apples’ are lying to you—they are just filled with countless artificial flavors, colors, and high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is an artificial sweetener processed out of corn starch, that could pose some serious health hazards.

Toaster Pastries


Toaster pastries are considered to be a quick and easy option for breakfast, especially when your kids are in one of those cranky moods. But have you ever taken a look at the ingredient list on the back of their cartons? You will be shocked at the amount of sugar and calories they shoot into your system with every bite. The Pop Tarts you love so much are made out of white flour, brown sugar, HFCS, and soybean oil. If “baked-in real fruit” is the reason why you want to eat them, then you better go grocery shopping right now— cos there ain’t no real fruit in them!

Scones With Jam And Cream


Nothing better than a couple of evenly buttered scones to ward off those morning blues, right? But they might invite onto your body some unnecessary weight and the risk of many diseases. Who are we trying to kid anyway? Made out of refined wheat flour, butter, sugar, and added flavor, scones are mere desserts posing to be healthy breakfasts. As they are usually topped with cream and jam, or jelly, you end up eating a high-calorie, super-sugary breakfast with very little nutrition, fiber, and protein. Your taste buds may love you for this choice, but the rest of your body surely won’t.

Sweetened Non-Fat Yogurt


Doesn’t plain yogurt topped with berries and sounds like an ideal healthy breakfast to you? Well, it is. But many people often opt for the flavored ones that are jam-packed with chemicals and sugar. Did you know that a single cup of flavored yogurt actually contains the same amount of sugar as a single scoop of ice cream?  If you didn’t, then it’s high time you realized this bitter truth. Just stick to plain yogurt and you will be safe from unwanted pounds latching on to you like leeches.

Granola Bars


Unless you plan to make your own at home, granola bars are extremely unhealthy. Most of the store-purchased granola bars are filled sugar and trans fats that cancel out the very purpose of these bars; which is to provide you with energy and essential nutrients. Usually covered with caramel or chocolate, the popular granola bar brands  mostly contribute towards raising your insulin levels instead of supplying you with protein and fiber.

Processed, Gluten-Free Breakfast Foods


Gluten-free diets have become very popular these days though what many don’t realize is the fact that the processed gluten-free foods from the stores are extremely unhealthy. These foods are usually made out of flours like rice, potatoes, and tapioca. These flours have a high glycemic index and can cause weight gain and other side effects like flatulence, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. It is advised that you stick to natural gluten-free foods like brown rice, cassava, corn, and beans.