What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong?

What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong?
What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong?

Is today one of those bad days?

You set the alarm a half hour early to hit the gym, but woke up an hour late! You get ready in record time and rush out the door to make your 9 am client meeting only to have that damn car splash dirty rain water all over your brand new suede pumps.

And then your friend calls on your lunch break, upset about her husband not taking out the trash again and you’re yelling at her in your head. Tonight you get to order in. It’s been one of those days. Thai food is going to hit the spot and make it all better. 20 minutes go by, 30 minutes go by, 45 minutes, 60 minutes and dialing. “Oh yes, sorry ma’am, the order already left and should be there any minute.”


In those times it may feel like the world is against you. Like you’re in this dark hole, sinking fast, trying so hard to swim back up to the top, but no matter what you do, you just sink farther and farther down.

How do you Tackle Your Bad Days?

In any situation, good or bad, there is an opportunity for you to move closer to what you desire. It may not seem that way in a bad situation, but there is.


Most times, however, we resist the opportunities that are right there in front of us, because we don’t like that the outcome we are experiencing is different than the one we had imagined in our head. So we spend all our energy on being angry, disappointed, resisting the present state, even though there is absolutely nothing we can do to change what has already happened.

This causes us to hit rewind and play on the event over and over and over again, experiencing that frustration over and over and over again.  We then experience a revolving door of negative emotions: regret, resentment, and self-doubt, one building on the other like a rolling snowball. And in that time, we miss all of the signs and opportunities that the Universe has been giving us to create and experience a much better outcome than we currently are.


Think about how many signs and opportunities you may have missed over the past years because of how much energy and time you spent living in the past, getting angry at it and wishing you could have changed it?

Here’s the good news:


While you may have missed out on some opportunities in the past, there is a limitless reservoir of opportunities still at your disposal. It’s never too late and the Universe will always be doing its part to guide you to your highest potential. You just have to decide if you’re willing to do your part.

Tackle Your Bad Days Positively:

[pullquote]There’s never a wrong turn, just an opportunity to find a better way.[/pullquote]


So, let’s try something different starting today so you can begin creating a more positive reality. When you experience a negative situation:

1. Accept what happened: Here’s the fact: what has happened, has happened. You cannot change it, so stop trying to figure out a magical way to do just that. Your powers are much better used elsewhere!


2. Give yourself Permission to feel: Give yourself full permission to feel what you’re feeling. You are human and multi-dimensional so it’s normal to feel negative emotions. What’s not okay is to stay in that state for an extended period of time. You end up becoming a magnet for more of the same then.

3. Let it go: After you feel whatever you’re feeling, let it go. Brush it off. There is no reason to continue staying angry, sad or guilty beyond the initial reaction. It’s wasted energy. Put your energy where it can actually be useful, in the present moment.


4. Keep moving: The Universe is in a constant state of evolution and as a part of the Universe, we are supposed to evolve with it. When we resist and live in the past, we are fighting that positive force trying to move us forward to create and live a much better life, the life we truly desire.

5. Focus on the present:  Ask “What can I do now?” instead of “Why didn’t I do that before?” When you can do this, you will see the signs and opportunities to turn your day around. Maybe you meet this cute guy at the coffee shop you sent into to wipe off your shoes. Maybe you pick up the phone call you would have missed, had you made it to work a few minutes earlier, from that dream job you applied to. Maybe the restaurant gives you your late delivery on the house, putting that extra cash back in your pocket, where you probably should have kept it anyways.

 Situations Occur Time And Again

Here’s the thing, The Universe is never against you or doing anything to try to hurt you. At all times, it’s trying to guide you to the best possible outcome that is in your highest good. That doesn’t mean you’ll have the easiest road to get there, but it does mean if you are willing to be open to receiving its guidance, you will be able to see the signs that will help you eventually arrive.

[pullquote]What creates your experience of the world is NOT your circumstances, but your reaction to those circumstances.[/pullquote]

But, there may be times that many of those same unfortunate circumstances do show up again, but if you can accept what happened, allow yourself to feel what you feel and then shake it off and remain open to knowing that there is a better plan in store for you, you will find it. It’s like a scavenger hunt. Once you find one clue, it will lead you to the next one and the next one.And you’ll find so many more treasures than before, because you’re continuing to be present and move forward.

That positive energy will attract more positive energy at the same frequency, so not only will you finally be seeing the signs presenting themselves to you and guiding you, but you’ll also be receiving a lot more of them!