5 Ways To Make Sure You Don’t Gain Back The Weight That You Lost

You can easily gain back the weight that you lost if not careful

Are you nostalgic about those times when you had to watch everything you eat to lose unwanted weight? It can only make a fantastic success story if you’ve succeeded in maintaining your ideal weight until now. No matter how good or useful your diet regime was in the past to help you lose that weight, it’s no good if you’ve gained all that weight or more back.

How To Maintain Your Current Weight

If you’ve had to religiously follow any kind of diet regime, you’d know that pretty much any program today can provide you with some kind of positive results. However, the difficult part of maintaining your weight loss comes in once the program ends, especially when all the positive health and fitness benefits begin to disappear.


If you’re facing a similar challenge of having to maintain your weight loss, there’s hope in the form of a few weight-loss maintenance strategies that you can follow. Here are some strategies you can follow.

1. Get A Lot Of Physical Exercise

Make sure to get a lot of exercise


If you need to achieve a balance in your energy levels, there’s nothing better than exercising regularly. As you sweat it out often, you burn off all the extra calories and increase your metabolic rate.

Once your energy levels are balanced, you tend to burn the same amount of calories that you consume every day. Consequently, your weight is more likely to stay the same. Try and get at least 200 minutes of moderate physical activity in a week once you lose weight so you can maintain it the same.


At times, you may need higher levels of physical activity to successfully maintain weight loss. Any physical activity that goes on for 30 minutes or an hour can be a fantastic option to help you maintain your weight loss. Remember that regular physical exercise is only effective when it’s coupled with other lifestyle changes, including sticking to a healthy diet regime.1

2. Eat Protein-Rich Meals Everyday

Eating lots of protein will keep you satiated for a longer time


Breakfast, your most important meal of the day, can be a great place to start your protein-rich diet. Eating foods that are rich in protein induce satiety and can help reduce your appetite while promoting a feeling of fullness, thus making it important for weight loss maintenance.

Additionally, try and eat a nutritious breakfast every day as skipping your breakfast every day will result in weight gain or unhealthy eating habits. Moreover, regular breakfast eaters are popular for having healthier habits overall, including exercising often and consuming the right food.2


3. Monitor Your Weight Constantly

Constant monitoring of your weight will help you keep track of your progress

Getting a personal weighing scale can be perfect to help you along your path to weight loss maintenance. When you weigh yourself regularly, you’ll be more aware of your progress and begin to encourage suitable weight-control behaviors. You’ll even end up watching what you eat and how much you’re eating, thereby reducing your overall caloric intake.


4. Watch Your Carbohydrate Intake Levels

Make sure you eat complex carbohydrates

Maintaining your weight can be a whole lot easier to achieve if you watch the kind and the amount of carbs that you’re consuming. Consuming too much of refined carbs through foods like white paste, fruit juice, or white bread can set you back in your attempts to maintain weight. As these foods have been stripped of their natural fiber content, eating them can lead to weight gain and obesity.3


5. Stay Focused At All Times

Stick to your goal at all times, especially during hard timesStick to your goal at all times, especially during hard times

You need to know that setbacks are an inevitable part of your journey toward maintaining your happy weight. Whether you indulge in a little sweet craving from time to time or miss out on a couple of workout sessions entirely, don’t give up and lose your way at any point in time.

How Can You Regain The Weight That You Lose

Unfortunately, most people who lose weight end up gaining it back in one way or another. Truth is, only a mere 1/5th of overweight dieters lose enough weight and manage to keep it off in the long run successfully.

From unrealistic expectations to feelings of deprivation, there can be plenty of probable reasons why you gain back all the weight that you struggle to lose in the first place. Here are a few such common reasons.

Wrong Mindset

Having the wrong mindset about the weight that you lost

If you think that following a strict diet regime is only a short-term issue that you need to deal with, you can’t be any more wrong. The moment you feel that your diet plan isn’t a long-term solution to better your health, you have every reason to give up, thereby gaining back the weight you’ve lost.

Restrictive Diet Regime

A strict diet regime may cause you to cheat or break your diet

While you do restrict yourself to only certain types of food when you’re on a diet, an extreme calorie restriction can slow down your metabolism and shift your appetite-regulating hormones. These are major contributing factors for weight gain.

Unsustainable Habits

Some strict habits cannot be maintained for a long time

When you break down any diet plan to the basics, you’ll realize the fact that each plan is based on your willpower and conviction abilities instead of being good habits that you can incorporate into your life. Rather than bringing about a change in your lifestyle, most diet plans focus on following rules, thereby discouraging you when it comes to maintaining your ideal weight.

You’d do well to simply move on and continue wherever you left off on your weight loss maintenance schedule. Encountering setbacks can even be considered positive in the sense that you’re better prepared the next time you actually need to hinder your weight maintenance plans.