Top 5 Natural Health Strategies For Longevity And Beauty

5 Holistic Health Strategies To Natural Longevity & Beauty
5 Holistic Health Strategies To Natural Longevity & Beauty

The western way of eating and living causes us to age much more rapidly which decreases our health and vitality, sets the stage for developing chronic diseases and health problems later in life. It also increases the look of aging on the outside of our body, including deep lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots and all the other unpleasant outward signs of aging we try to avoid.

What Increasing Your Rate Of Aging?

There are many practices you may be engaging in now that are increasing your rate of aging and look of aging on the outside and they include:

  • Poor eating habits including reliance on processed, fast and convenience foods
  • Not getting enough nutrients especially antioxidants
  • Not getting enough hydration
  • Exposing yourself to and taking in too many toxic chemicals
  • Too much stress in your life without healthy stress management practices
  • Not getting enough exercise or movement
  • Getting too much exercise, exercising too intensely or being inconsistent with exercise

5 Important Health Strategies To Natural Longevity & Beauty

While the common path in the West is to age rapidly, live with disease and pain in our later years and then most likely die from a chronic health condition, most all of that can be avoided with attention to these 5 most important areas to increasing longevity and natural beauty as we age….

Fresh, Whole Nutrient Dense Eating

There are many problems with the way we commonly eat in the West which directly contributes to aging, disease and decreased natural beauty. The most important areas to pay attention to are:

  • By eating food products instead of real foods we are not getting the nutrients we need and are taking in many chemicals and additives that are harming our cells and causing them to age much more quickly.
  • Foods that are not fresh or plant based are also low in water content so contribute to a cycle of dehydration which causes many of the unwanted skin and joint problems we hope to avoid in our later years.
  • Diets that are high in animal products and low in fresh plant based foods are also more demanding on the digestive system, taking energy away from daily repair and healing, and are very acidic, all which contributes to rapid aging and health problems later in life.
  • By making a switch to a diet that is HIGH in plant based foods, is at least 80% fresh and organic we avoid many of the problems common in most of the population later in life.
  • You can also add in daily fresh juicing to increase the amount of fresh whole nutrients you are taking in each day while helping your body to naturally cleanse and detoxify each and every day. You can download 10 Fast, Fresh and Healthy Recipes directly from the Raw Vitality web site or join one of our 30-day online programs to learn how to shop, prepare and eat fresh, whole nutrient dense foods simply and sustainably.

Reducing How Much You Eat

Balance is the key here and reducing the amount of food you eat is a proven method for extending your life span. Since the 1930s, investigators have consistently found that laboratory rats and mice live up to 40 percent longer than usual and also appear to be more resistant to age-related diseases when fed a diet that has at least 30% fewer calories than they would normally consume.

  • The point is not to deprive yourself or allow yourself to feel unsatisfied and hungry but rather to monitor your portion sizes and snacking habits.
  • You should only be eating when you are hungry and only to a point you feel satisfied.
  • You should feel heightened levels of energy and vitality about 30 minutes after eating and not sluggish and tired. This is a good sign you are eating the right amount of calories for your body and decreasing the health problems and increased rate of aging associated with over consumption.

Stay Active, Consistently And In Balance 

In the West we have a tendency to live very sedentary lifestyles that include little to no movement especially during the day and then to engage in very strenuous activity several times a week for periods of time and then not at all for other periods of time. We at the same time mostly work jobs that require us to be inside and sitting most of each day. This is an extremely unhealthy cycle and way of living and being and contributes to rapid aging and decreased vitality and health, especially as we age.

  • A better approach is to engage in exercise or movement that is not as intense but that is consistent, something sustainable that you can do long term without starting and stopping constantly.
  • Taking time for a brisk 30 minute walk each and every day is a great approach as is creating an exercise routine that is balanced by including some cardiovascular exercise, weight bearing exercise and stretching.

Manage Your Stress 

Medical research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suggests that up to 90% of all illness and disease is stress-related. Stress costs American industry more than $300 billion annually and more then 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress.

Stress is literally tearing our health apart. Stress also ages us much more rapidly, as much as 32 years more internally then your chronological age, during stressful periods of time. Stress is often inevitable in life, how you deal with your stress, however, is completely under your control. Implementing and using daily healthy stress management practices is extremely important. In Raw Vitality we teach the use of yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises to help manage stress in a healthy way and prevent it from wrecking your health or aging you much more rapidly.


Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins

Commercial personal care products are loaded with toxic chemicals that have been linked to a variety of health problems and we are slathering them on the largest, most absorbent organ of our body each and every day, our skin! Toxic chemicals found in these products directly harm cells and increase the rate at which we age, they also contribute to the process of chronic diseases and pain as we age.

Your best approach is to start using green living practices to reduce your exposure to health harming toxins and moving to using greener cleaner versions of your products as you run out of commercial products.


Any of our Raw Vitality 30-day programs teach the most effective green living practices and how to implement them into your daily life so you can decrease your exposure to health harming toxins and increase your natural longevity and vitality.

By following these 5 simple holistic health strategies you can increase your healthy longevity, decrease the problems commonly associated with aging and naturally increase your beauty without having to spend all that money on expensive products and treatments to make you artificially look younger.