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Ways To Manage Stress If You’re Living With COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is an umbrella term that is used to describe a wide range of progressive lung diseases, such as chronic...

Flu Stress: Here’s All You Need To Know About It

Have you ever wondered why you get a cold or tend to sneeze more when you are emotionally troubled? If you haven’t realized it...

7 Surprising Factors That Trigger Atrial Fibrillation

Normally, your heart contracts and relaxes to a regular beat. But if you are suffering from atrial fibrillations, the upper chambers of your heart,...

Importance Of Digestion And Tips To Improve It

Digestion is the only process that ensures the body gets the nutrients required for development. Factors like the amount and type of food, age, and digestive issues affect the rate of digestion. Efficient digestion of foods and their excretion is the key to a healthy life. A well-balanced diet, regular exercise, good sleep, and reduced stress levels can strengthen your digestive system.

7 Tips For Women To Help Cope With Stress

Since women tend to experience more stress than men, it's important that you take measures to reduce your stress levels. Aerobic exercise, a well-balanced diet, and sufficient sleep are essential for stress management. It's also important to organize your work better and learn to say "no." You could also consider mindful meditation or indulge a favorite hobby, as they're known to reduce stress levels.

6 Types Of Stress And How They Can Affect Your Weight

Stress comes with a lot of anxiety, discomfort, and uncontrolled eating. Psychological stress, sleep deprivation stress, diet stress, inflammation-induced stress, physical stress, and chemical stress are caused due to various factors like lack of sleep, harmful chemicals in the environment, food habits, and excessive physical activity, which can result in weight gain. Know how to deal with each of these stress types and stay healthy.

7 Ways To Deal With Holiday Stress

For a lot of us, the holiday season brings in more stress than joy. Make to-do lists and allot a certain deadline for each of your tasks. Set a budget for yourself and get creative with presents. Avoid overcommitting to events and be honest about your feelings. Eat healthy, exercise, and relax to keep up with your health. If you're overloaded with commitments, ask your loved ones for help and delegate tasks.

5 Ways Your Diet Is Affecting Your Mood

Dieting is a tough challenge. It can make your angry, irritable, tired, and cranky, however attractive the results may be. Craving comfort food, nutrition deficiency, skipping meals, and a low-carb intake can make you extremely moody and emotional. To minimize these effects of dieting, you can tweak your diet plan. Ensure that you get all the required nutrients and don't skip meals. Sometimes, a cheat meal is all you need to lift your mood.

7 Ways To Effectively Beat Your Food Cravings

Food cravings are fueled by emotion, stress, or simply not eating a satisfying meal. Avoid artificial sweeteners because they won’t meet your sugar cravings, and only make you want more. Eat fiber and protein to increase fullness and satiety. Drink water, because dehydration often shows up as hunger. Never skip meals because you’ll just feel ravenous later on, and be sure to manage stress and get enough sleep. Otherwise, the hunger hormone ghrelin will spike up.

6 Things You Should Know About Kids With Food Allergies

Medical professionals have been studying food allergies among children for a very long time now. Children who are prone to allergies can have a...

6 Lifestyle Changes To Make When Pain Affects Health

A strong mind is essential for a strong body. Therefore, it is important to lead a lifestyle that promotes healthy living. Watch out for the signs your body is giving and act on them to get relief - emotional or physical. Recognize your stress triggers and reduce them, if you cannot completely eliminate them. Stay physically active, follow a balanced diet, improve your sleep habits. Lastly, have a strong social support system.

How To Come To Terms With Your Body And Your Stress

Did you know that you could meet all your basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter reasonably well with an income of about $40,000 a year?...

How Stress Affects The Development Of A Fetus

Peaceful and stress-free pregnancy is what every pregnant woman dreams of. It is normal for anyone to be a bit stressed during pregnancy. However,...

3 Unhealthy Breathing Mistakes Millennials Make Everyday

Stress causes you to expel more carbon dioxide with every exhalation before your body even has time to produce it and can eventually lead to hyperventilation. Slouching for long hours can compress your diaphragm, resulting in weaker exhalations that trap leftover carbon dioxide in your lungs. Similarly, not breathing properly and completely while exercising can also lead to blood pressure spikes and even loss of consciousness.

4 Things That Are Aggravating Your Depression

Depression is a silent thief that comes without any sound and robs us of our peace. This debilitating condition affects more than 350 million...