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5 Delicious Detox Recipes To Help You Cleanse Your Body

After weeks (or months) of binging on unhealthy, junk food you might feel like it’s time you went on a detox diet to cleanse...
This sesame seed snack will help with health problems

This Sesame Snack Will Treat 5 Health Problems At Home

The combination of sesame seeds, ginger, honey, and lemon juice creates a medicinal snack. Think of it like a sweet and spicy nutritious cracker. Each ingredient is a natural remedy, so they're even better together. They're anti-inflammatory and treat issues like arthritis, colds, nausea, high blood pressure, and constipation. The snack also offers anti-oxidative, antimicrobial, and immune-boosting properties. You'll even get some fiber from the sesame seeds.
Chinese herbs to help you balance hormones

10 Chinese Herbs That Can Help You Balance Hormones

Chinese herbs have been used for about 2000 years as an effective remedy against many diseases. Herbs like Chinese wild yam, lotus seeds, longan fruit, and black sesame seeds can be used to balance the hormones in the body while relieving menstrual problems. Chinese red dates, astragalus root, and goji seeds can boost your energy levels. American ginseng has a calming effect on the body and also regulate the hormone levels.

Health Benefits Of Bok Choy And Its Tasty Recipes

Green leafy bok choy has now gained recognition in America as a healthy food. This dark green vegetable is closely related to cabbage. Thanks...
Foods And Drugs You Shouldn’t Take Together

7 Foods And Drugs You Shouldn’t Take Together

If you’re taking medicine, learn about food-drug interactions. Watch out for grapefruit and grapefruit juice, which can increase the exposure of almost every medicine. Taking anti-tumor drugs? Avoid cow’s milk and sesame seeds, two foods that might inhibit the medicine’s effect. Ginger shouldn’t be taken with blood thinners or diabetic medications. Plus, since soy mimics estrogen, avoid combining it with hormone medications. ACE inhibitors and blood thinners shouldn’t be eaten with bananas and leafy greens, respectively.

8 Wonderful Benefits You Enjoy By Eating Sesame Seeds

You might just know them as the white seeds sprinkled over your burger buns, but sesame seeds have some amazing health benefits packed into...

7 Healthy Seeds You Need To Add To Your Diet

Most of us love effortless ways to get a boost of nutrients. Seeds might be an answer for that. They might be small in...

Top 10 Healthiest Nuts And Seeds You Should Eat Every Day

Nuts and seeds are super healthy and most of us aren’t eating enough of them! They are important additions to our daily food consumption. You can...

10 Ayurvedic Rituals to Brighten Your Day

Ayurveda is a complete way of life. It is an ancient holistic health system from India that has been practiced for more than 5,000...
5 Powerhouse Seeds Your Diet Desperately Needs

6 Powerhouse Seeds Your Diet Desperately Needs

Hemp: Great source of protein, amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids. Chia: Rich in dietary fiber, omega 3 acids and calcium. Sesame: Rich in copper, iron and magnesium. Sunflower: Vitamin E and selenium. Pumpkin: High in protein, iron, zinc and magnesium. Flax: Omega 3 fat and fiber. All of them help prevent heart diseases and arthritis.
Nut And Seed Butters To Boost Your Health

Nut And Seed Butters To Boost Your Health

Nut Butters rich in protein, vitamins and minerals - peanut butter, cashew butter, walnut butter and almond butter. Seed Butters - sunflower seed butter, pumpkin seed butter and sesame seed butter aka tahini. To make: 1 cup nuts or seeds of your choice and add a pinch of sea salt. Blend in a high speed blender with nut grinder attachment and blend until smooth.