8 Wonderful Benefits You Enjoy By Eating Sesame Seeds

You might just know them as the white seeds sprinkled over your burger buns, but sesame seeds have some amazing health benefits packed into them. Including them in your diet can also be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. You could just toss a generous amount over your salads and noodles, or grind them up into a paste with some olive oil to make your own tahini. When you read about the wonderful ways sesame seeds could improve your health, you’ll be only too happy to make the effort to include them.

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1. Helps You Burn Fat


Can you really eat your way to a slimmer body? Some studies have shown that sesame seeds can actually burn fat and help you reach your weight loss goals quicker. Sesame seeds contain important lignans which boost your liver’s enzyme production. Your liver is the organ which ultimately breaks down fat, so when it performs effectively, it burns through your

fat consumption that much quicker. Good fats in the seeds also reduce your hunger hormones which helps you eat less. Of course, you’ll still have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, but sesame seeds will make your weight loss journey less of a struggle.

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2. It Can Slow Down Ageing


The first symptoms of ageing most people notice is grey hair and memory loss. Coincidentally, people who aged faster were seen to be low in iron and vitamin B compounds. Black sesame seeds contain high amounts of both these compounds which will slow down your ageing process for a while. The fat in the seeds also helps hydrate your skin and keep it supple.

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3. Helps In Nutrient Absorption


Not only do sesame seeds contain a lot of beneficial nutrients, they

also help your body absorb these a lot better. Sesame seeds are rich in fatty acids and lignans which are essential for the body to absorb various compounds. Vitamins A and D along with a cocktail of other antioxidants also help your body make the most of the nutrition you put into it.

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4. Helps Your Bowels Work Better


Your body needs soluble and insoluble fiber to function well and luckily, sesame seeds contain both kinds. The soluble fiber in these seeds creates a mucous lining on the inside of your intestines, helping waste move through it faster. The insoluble fiber relieves you from feeling constipated and make you go like clockwork.

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5. Can Fight Off Cancer


It’s not a health food if it doesn’t fight cancer! Lignans present in sesame seeds can

be especially effective at fighting cancer, particularly breast and colon cancer. Studies showed that those who were given high amounts of sesame seeds had higher concentrations of mammalian lignans in their gut flora. This helps the body become more effective at fighting off cancer cells.

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6. Keeps Your Bones Strong


Osteoporosis is a real concern looming over post-menopausal women. Many women observe a drastic decrease in their bone density and become more prone to fractures. To keep your bones strong no matter what your age, include some sesame seeds in your meals. These miracle seeds are high in calcium and zinc, two compounds your body desperately needs to preserve bone mass. They’re also a great option for vegans who can often find themselves at even more risk for developing osteoporosis.

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7. It Can Lower Cholesterol


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The all-important lignans present in sesame seeds can lower your cholesterol level. Studies conducted on the effects of sesame seeds on body cholesterol noted that these seeds lowered both the blood as well as liver cholesterol levels. It works effectively at lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol while simultaneously raising HDL (good) cholesterol. Low levels of bad cholesterol in your blood means that you’ll have less plaque buildup in your blood vessels and your heart can continue to function healthily.

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8. Boosts Sex-Hormone Production


After hitting menopause, most women witness a sudden drop in their estrogen levels. The effects of this can be seen in ageing skin, mood swings and loss of libido. Sesame seeds contain a lignan known as sesamin which is converted into phytoestrogens by gut flora. This increases the estrogen levels in the body and reduces the symptoms of menopause.