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7 Rare Yet Healthy Foods To Add To Your Grocery List

Make your grocery shopping and cooking experience more interesting with rare vegetables like chokos and cannellini beans, flavoring agents like dukkah and caraway seeds, and seaweed like arame and dulse. These foods are tasty as well as healthy when eaten in moderation. Add them to your regular recipes or experiment with them by steaming, deep frying, sauteing, or just adding them to salads.

6 Food Hacks That Will Make Healthy Eating A Breezy Affair

Make healthy eating less cumbersome for yourself by switching from calorie-loaded foods to tasty, nutritious alternatives. Use avocado instead of butter and oats instead of white flour for more nutrients and fiber. Switch from salt to seaweed to retain the salty taste in your food while steering clear of heart disease. Avoid excess calories in your favorite foods by replacing mashed potato with mashed cauliflower and roasted peanuts with edamame. Also, enjoy Friday nights with soothing coconut water instead of liquor.

Fight Hair Loss Naturally With These 5 Foods

Hair loss is common and has many reasons, but don't be so quick to buy chemical products. The omega-3s in nuts and salmon may increase hair growth and thickness. For people with mild-to-moderate hair loss, seaweed might lend a hand. Low levels of iron and zinc are linked to shedding, but oysters are rich in both nutrients. Spinach also contains iron and vitamin C, which aids iron absorption.

7 Foods To Sort Through Your Thyroid Issues Today

Thyroid dysfunction is gaining in numbers as the next big epidemic. It can be managed to an extent through food. Brazil nuts contain selenium which is needed to convert T3 into usable T4 from the thyroid. The benefits of cruciferous vegetables outweigh the harm they cause. Seaweed and dairy are excellent sources of iodine needed to produce thyroxine. Maca root is can help regulate hormone function very effectively.
gluten-free vegetable noodles

7 Gluten-Free Vegetable Noodles For Pasta Lovers

If you are a big fan of noodles and pasta but is dealing with gluten intolerance, many healthier alternatives are available for you. These include the very popular zucchini noodles, beet and carrot noodles, sweet potatoes and squash varieties too. In addition to the fact that these are grain-free, they are power-packed with essential nutrients that make them both delicious and good for you.
9 Wonderful Ocean Products That Promote Health

9 Wonderful Ocean Products That Promote Health

Although most of the foods we consume and health products we use are found on land, many healthy foods and products are sourced from our oceans. Foods obtained from the ocean, such as krill oil, wild-caught fish, seaweed, and sea salt offer a myriad of health benefits and protect us from many deadly diseases. Some oceanic products like pearls and magnesium salt have healing properties.

Try These 7 Top Food Sources Of Iodine

To avoid iodine deficiency, enjoy foods from the sea. Cod and shrimp are protein-rich sources. Seaweed is high in iodine, but it has so much that overdose can develop. Eat it with caution. For something more convenient, reach for canned tuna. Cow’s milk and cooked navy beans offer decent amounts, too. If you don’t like seafood or dairy, eat a boiled egg for a small dose of iodine.
How To Use These Seven Sea Vegetables

7 Sea Vegetables And How To Use Them For Thyroid Balance

Does your 5-a-day include only vegetables growing on land? Sea vegetables are fast gaining recognition for the truckload of health benefits they offer. Many...
Foods That Can Help You Burn Fat

7 Foods That Will Help You Burn Fat While You Eat Them

The first thing most of us do when we decide to go on a diet is to cut down on how much food we...

5 Foods That Harm Your Gut Bacteria And Immunity

The gut flora is responsible for how healthy you are as the gut influences your immune system. What you eat can have a remarkable effect on the balance of gut bacteria. Harmful food habits include wheat/gluten, irresponsible use of antibiotics, alcohol addiction, chemicals sprayed on produce, and carrageenan. These foods can upset the bacteria balance, kill the good bacteria, and make you weaker.
Multiple vegetables, fruits, and nuts can replace animal sources for protein

10 Plant-Based Protein Sources That You Must Include In Your Diet

Proteins play a huge role in our health and well-being as they are the building blocks for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. They...

7 Natural Remedies For Treating Dark Under Eye Circles

You don't need fancy eye creams to treat dark circles. Eat lots of vitamin C – a nutrient that promotes collagen production. This will strengthen the skin and prevent shadowing. You can even use mashed avocados for a natural bleaching effect. To make dark circles less noticeable, try to reduce puffiness. Cucumber slices, cold tea bags, ice cubes, and frozen tea bags will do the trick. Extract of bladderwrack – a seaweed – has also been proven to treat discoloration.

Is Carrageenan Harmful And Should You Avoid It?

Carrageenan in its intravenous form may result in chronic inflammation. Not just that, its presence in your diet in high amounts may enhance the progress of cancer – specifically colon cancer – and result in intestinal ulcers. It could also increase the amount of glucose and insulin in your body, making you insulin resistant and glucose intolerant.
Is eating sushi healthy for you

Is Sushi Just Plain Fancy Or A Healthy Food Choice?

Sushi has garnered a lot of attention worldwide for its unconventional preparation nd presentation techniques. However, studies claim that it is a low-fiber, high calorie and sodium food with many health risks associated. The chances of suffering heavy metal poisoning and parasitic infestations are especially higher in sushi prepared with raw fish. Having quite risky ingredients, it should not be consumed by pregnant women, children and the elderly.
health benefits of kelp

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kelp

Kelp is a brown alga used abundantly in kitchens around the world. Highly beneficial to health, kelp exhibits anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulatory properties. Regular consumption of kelp helps you fight diseases like cancer, various inflammations, and blood disorders. It helps increase bone density and is a good source of iodine.