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Prebiotic Foods You Need More Of

10 Prebiotic Foods You Need To Eat More Of And Why

By now, most of us know our gut flora is very important and so we’ve started eating probiotic foods. But what about prebiotics? While...

Seaweed Facial Masks For Gorgeous Skin

Seaweed with its abundant nutrients can do wonders for your skin. A DIY mask with seaweed, water, and essential oil is easy to make and apply. Mix one part seaweed powder with two parts water. To this, add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice. Your mask is ready! Apply it on your skin for a few minutes and, then, wash off with cool water for clean and hydrated skin.

8 Foods And Vegetables That Can Be Eaten Raw

The debate is still on about whether raw food is better or cooked, but most nutritionists suggest a mix of both. Some foods, when eaten...

Carrageenan: What Is It And Why Should You Stay Away From It?

Just because something claims it’s natural, that does not mean it is good for your body. So, if you really are going natural, you...

Superfoods You Never Heard Of But Should Be Trying Out Now

Superfoods have taken the health world by storm. Trendy, tasty, and usually easy – superfoods boost of nutrients, minerals, and have the potential to...
Vitamin B12 sources for Vegans

Top 6 Vegan Sources Of Vitamin B12 You Didn’t Know

Getting vitamin B12 through food is a major challenge for vegans as the skin of white button mushroom is the only natural source of absorbable B12. Seaweed, nori, and miso are best avoided as they contain inactive versions of B12 that hinder active B12 absorption. The other options are fortified cereals, rice, plant-based milk, and supplements, which should be taken in small doses for maximum absorption.

10 Alkaline Foods To Clean, Repair, And Regenerate New Cells

The foods that you eat could be acidic, alkaline or neutral, based on which the pH levels of your body keeps changing. Alkaline foods are...

Super Seaweed Benefits For Superior Health And Weight Loss

Kelp, nori, kombu, wakame and arame are popular seaweeds. They are fiber-rich and packed with essential nutrients - calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, iodine; vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, trace amounts of B12; niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, omega 3 fatty acids. They reduce blood pressure and blood sugar, improve digestion, aid weight loss and boost immunity.
Arame Seaweed For Beauty Regime And Buying Tips

Arame Seaweed: Buying Tips, Beauty Regime and Diet

First wash your face with warm water and apply a cream or oil cleanser and whilst the cleanser is still fresh on your skin, take about 1 tbsp of dried Arame seaweed and pat it gently over your face and massage your face. It improves renewal of skin cells, leaving you with a fresh, bright complexion. You can also incorporate it into your daily diet.
Boost Your Nutrition With The Super Seaweed Arame

Say Yes To Super Seaweed Arame

Arame Seaweed is a superfood and contains several vitamins and minerals than your average green vegetable. It's loaded with Calcium, Iodine, Vitamin A, Iron and Lignan, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight off infections to prevent outbreaks of acne. Lignan also reduces breast cancer and diabetes risk.
Easy Seaweed Recipes To Boost Your Health

Easy Seaweed Recipes To Boost Your Health

Seaweed is getting a lot of attention for being a power house of nutrients. But, many people are confused on how to include them...
Seaweed Natural Fat Burner & Aphrodisiac

Seaweed: Natural Fat Burner & Aphrodisiac

Sea vegetables are neither plants nor animals but classified in a group known as algae. Sea vegetables like seaweed offer some of the broadest...
Six immune- boosting foods to include in your child’s diet this winter

Six Immune-Boosting Foods To Include In Your Child’s Diet This Winter

Winter is upon us and unfortunately so is the cold and flu season. For many parents the winter months can seem like and endless...