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Are You Storing And Heating Your Leftovers The Right Way?

5 Things To Keep In Mind When It Comes To Leftovers

Microwaves have made all of our lives tremendously easier. We now have the convenience of reheating leftover food in just a few minutes. Our...
exposure could pose a health risk

7 Unsuspecting Everyday Products All Men Should Avoid

Every single day, you come into contact with several chemicals you're not even aware of. Many of these are not known to cause harm...

How And Why We Should Be Eating More Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a very nutritional vegetable. It has great nutritional value. It is also low in calories which makes it a great addition to a weight loss diet. It contains fiber to keep the gut healthy. It may help prevent cancer, improve memory, and unclog arteries. It makes a great substitute for rice and mashed potatoes. Cauliflower makes smooth velvety soups and tastes great when roasted.
Gluten-Free Grain Alternatives

6 Healthiest Gluten-Free Alternatives You Can Find

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where any amount of gluten can cause serious damage to your small intestine. If you’ve been diagnosed with...
Rice flour can effectively be used to brighten and whiten the skin

Easy Natural Remedies To Whiten Your Skin With Rice Powder

The age today is of stress and pollution that has resulted in loss of good health and has even made us look dull. After...
7 Nutritious Ways To Use Greek Yogurt Whey

7 Nutritious Ways To Use Greek Yogurt Whey

While preparing Greek yogurt, the water that comes out of the yogurt is called as yogurt whey. Most people just discard the yogurt whey after they prepare Greek yogurt. But, yogurt whey contains various vitamins, proteins, and minerals that are essential for the body. Instead of throwing away the yogurt, you can use it to prepare many healthy and tasty recipes.
Tips And Foods For Eating On A Low Sodium Diet

Tips And Foods For Eating On A Low Sodium Diet

Buying fresh produce, looking at baked good labels, using specific grain varieties, and eating unsalted snacks can help you maintain your low sodium diet. When you go to a restaurant, choose fruit or vegetable appetizers instead of bread and soup. Also, use lemon juice and pepper instead of salty dressing for your main course and eat unsalted sides. Fresh fruits, sorbet, and frozen yogurt are ideal options for when you’re on a low sodium diet.
Natural Remedies For Bad Breath In Dogs)

Home Remedies For Bad Breath In Dogs

As a pet-parent, we love the affection that our pooches shower on us. That tail wagging along with their whole body. Tons of doggie...
foods that are unsafe to reheat

7 Common Foods You Should Never Reheat Without Caution

Reheated leftovers can raise disease risk, especially when not cooked or stored right. Refrigerate potatoes right after cooking to prevent botulism and refrigerate chicken and eggs within 2 hours of cooking. Reheat them evenly and thoroughly at 165°F. While leftover oil must always be discarded, you can refrigerate cooked rice and mushrooms soon after cooking and preserve for a day.

Amazing Benefits Of Poha That Can Elevate Your Productivity

Poha is a snack that is made from uncooked basmati rice and is more commonly known as flattened rice that helps to give you the good nutrition. It can be prepared quickly and topped with all the veggies and other healthy ingredients of your choice. Some of the benefits of poha include it being rich in iron, good for the heart, low in gluten, and reducing the risk of heart problems.
Home Remedies For Pets)

Natural, Effective Home Remedies For Your Pet

If you are a pet-parent, who doesn’t just reach out to a vet for every small issue with your fur-ball’s health, and if you...
why to squat and poop

9 Reasons You Should Squat To Poop

Squatting isn’t the modern way to poop, but it's something that's second nature to people in some parts of the world for centuries. With your body positioned more ergonomically for bowel movement, you may be able to strain less, finish pooping faster, and empty bowels completely. You may even be able to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, and a host of colorectal problems if you squat instead of sit.
Both white rice and brown rice can be good for you based on your body constitution, Agni, and dosha

Ayurveda On White Rice Vs Brown Rice

Rice is good for everyone – all year round! This means, despite your metabolic constitution or dosha, rice is a healing food. In Western nutrition, we...

9 Nutritious Gluten-Free Grains For Your Overall Health

Gluten intolerance and sensitivity are not the only reasons to follow a gluten-free diet. Grains like amaranth, oats, brown rice and many more are rich sources of dietary fiber and protein. That makes them just right for diabetics, hypertensives and the calorie-conscious. Including them in our daily dietary choices is the best way to get their several benefits.

12 Foods To Eat And Avoid When Drunk

When you're drunk, you most likely wouldn't have had much to eat earlier. This puts your stomach in a very delicate place. So what you eat next matters a lot in terms of the next day's hangover. Eat foods such as pizza, wrap, panini, soup, pancakes, rice, and popcorn. But avoid strong-flavored pizzas, chocolate, burger, fries, nachos, tacos, sweets, and gyros.