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Crush Sugar Cravings With These Tips

Crush Sugar Cravings With These 6 Tips

Do you feel chained to sugar and its ill effects? If you eat sugar every day or excessively and want to reduce its intake for...

10 Exercises That Cut Your Workout Time And Burn Calories

Getting slim, fit, and toned often seems like a daunting challenge. With plyometrics you can burn calories and fat effectively. Pyramid training and the Tabata protocol, cardio workouts involving interval cardio, mix of cardio and weights are great for fat burning, too. Performing exercises like drop sets, supersets, compound sets, giant sets and combining different moves into one are other ways to burn calories.
Lose weight

5 Things To Follow In The Noon To Aid Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a tricky experience. It can vary hugely from one individual to another. Weight loss for some people can be a...

6 Smart Ways Trainers Switch Up Their Exercise Routine To Lose Weight

Every time you walk into the gym, you see your trainer waiting for you, always in top form. Most people think that since trainers...

Stamina Vs Endurance: What Is The Difference?

Stamina and endurance use time in different ways. The length of time that you can work at maximum capacity is called stamina. If your stamina is high, you can go for a long time at full force. Sprinters are the perfect example. Endurance is all about duration of performance, regardless of capacity level. Energy is spread out over an extended period of time. For marathon runners, high endurance levels are needed to perform well.

Is Yoga A Cardio Exercise?

Out of the 9 fitness components, cardio vascular increases your heart rate and blood circulation. It is of two types. High intensity interval training: involves demanding physical activity and Steady-state moderate intensity cardio: involves exercises at a steady pace for 40–90 minutes. Exercise within 55–85 percent of your maximum heart rate for 20–30 minutes to get a balanced cardio.

8 Activities That Burn The Most Calories

Exercises are awesome for the body. But when weight loss is the goal, you might be wondering which activity burns the most calories. Where...

TOP 5 Workout Hacks for Ambitious Bossladies

Efficiency is the gist of everything in today's world. When it comes to exercise, a costly workout sessions at the gym can be easily replaced by an efficient workout plan practised in your living room. This is possible by following the principles of HIIT, working out three times per week, integrating full body exercises and adding plyometric exercises to routine
Sprinting Benefits

6 Benefits of Sprinting: A Faster Route To Health

Sprint interval training burns abdominal fat, hikes insulin sensitivity, and lowers carbs burning and high BP to avert diabetes and heart diseases. It helps build fat-free muscles by enhancing the protein synthesis pathways and hikes muscle stamina and efficiency by boosting oxygen exchange. It can also lift your mood by triggering endorphin release. Despite the benefits, it's best avoided by arthritic and cardiac patients.

Some Simple Anti-Aging Secrets

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet full of veggies, greens, fruits, organic meat, eggs, fish, plenty of healthy fats, nuts, and seeds. Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of filtered water each day. Practice daily detox methods like dry brushing, green juices, oil pulling, rebounding, sweating or sauna. Add at least 20 mins of HIIT exercise to your daily routine.

Ladies, Do Try These High-Intensity Workouts For Weight Loss

Do a cardio activity (cycling/running/walking/row machine) at high intensity for 30 secs. Recover at your own pace for 3–4 mins. Do 4–8 rounds in 30–45 mins. Or just do it for 20 mins at your max. tempo. You can also go high-intensity on one activity for 10 mins, then recover with a relaxed one for 5 mins (eg. treadmill for the work interval and elliptical for recovery!).

High-Intensity Interval Training Burns More Fat In Less Time

High-intensity interval training involves short duration cardio and focuses on large muscle groups. It's best done early morning on an empty stomach as your body desperately seeks energy from stored fat reserves, exposing lean muscle. A 22-45 min long HIIT workout includes a warm up, 30-60 sec high-intensity exercises (4-6 reps) split by medium-intensity exercises, and a cool down.

Benefits Of Interval Training For Optimal Heart Rate And Weight Loss

Every individual has an optimal heart rate range where the body burns fat and builds muscle fiber efficiently. Interval training, which raises and lowers the heart rate during a workout, helps improve the body's aerobic and anaerobic performance. An exercise metabolic test is essential to create a personalized cardio training plan that will help you reach your optimal heart rate goals faster.
4 minute workout

Get Fantastic Shape With These 4 Minute Workout

Includes 20 secs of bodyweight Squats, 20 secs of Push-Ups, 20 secs of Mason Twists, 20 secs of Burpees, 20 secs of Diamond Push-Ups, 20 secs Vertical Crunches, 20 secs of Clock Lunges and 20 secs of Mountain Climbers. Between every exercise take a quick 10 sec rest. This gives faster results than 60 mins of cardio at the gym.