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Tips to cure insomnia

10 Tips To Beat Insomnia: Sleep Better, Live Better!

Insomnia can cause fatigue, irritability, and loss of concentration. To beat it, practice healthy sleep habits consistently. You can also try sleep restriction, light therapy, and relaxation therapy. Meanwhile, drinking chamomile tea, valerian tea, or nutmeg and milk can help. So can aromatherapy with lavender or vetiver oil and acupressure.

6 Situations Where Sleeping On It Can Be Better Than Fighting Through

‘Never go to bed angry’, is an old adage. Without a doubt, there is wisdom in that advice but it is not applicable to...

Is Just Worrying About Sleep As Harmful As Insomnia?

All of us, at some point, have had our share of sleepless nights. Stress is one of the core reasons for a poor quality...

10 Ways Stress Sends Out Signals When You Start Falling Sick

Are you falling sick too often? A hectic job, familial issues, financial limitations, and broken friendships are enough to cause a lot of stress...
Eating the right food can help you stay mentally and physically healthy.)

5 Health Conditions And Foods That Help Alleviate Them

Often, we face certain health issues due to lack of sleep, feel bloated, get affected by PMS blues, and suffer from mild irritation throughout...

Can Sounds Of Whispers And Rustles Help Treat Insomnia?

Sleep disorders affect millions of people and range from mild to severe, of which the most common form of disorder is insomnia. Lately, one method that is used to treat insomnia is the usage of videos and audios that trigger an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, also called ASMR. People claim that listening to gentle whispering, soft taps and the sound of rustling paper can relieve stress and help with insomnia.
Is Insomnia Really A Survival Technique?

Is Insomnia Really An Ancient Survival Technique?

A study tracked the slumber patterns of healthy adults from an African tribe who are modern hunter-gatherers. The researchers discovered that the sleep patterns were almost never in sync. Therefore, it was suggested that older adults are naturally designed to have brief moments of sleeplessness or light sleep so they may protect the younger members of the clan who are naturally designed to have longer hours of deep slumber.

7 Tips For Your Relationship To Sail Through Baby’s Sleepless Nights

Your pregnancy surely takes your relationship to the next level—your baby is a beautiful little one that you and your partner have created. Soon...

Herbal Tinctures For Insomnia, Pain, And Anxiety

Tinctures are easy to make and effective home remedies for many health problems, including anxiety, stress, pain, and insomnia. Motherwort tincture can induce calmness and reduce anxiety. Arnica tincture can reduce pain and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. A herbal mixture made using dried yarrow flowers, dried catnip, chamomile flowers, dried mint leaves, and dried hops flowers can treat insomnia and help you sleep at night.
Benefits of Spikenard Essential Oil

8 Reasons Why You Need Some Spikenard Essential Oil

Among the long line of famous essential oils you’re likely to have come across, spikenard probably went unnoticed. Spikenard essential oil might not be...

4 Side Effects Of Using Prescription Medication In Women

Women are susceptible to a higher risk of prescription drug overdose. Mood altering drugs are prescribed at an earlier age and more frequently in women than men. This is partly because women are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than are men, as also they may be more likely to seek help for psychological and emotional problems. Mental illness, chronic pain, diet issues and pregnancy-related medications can become an unnecessary habit.

Is There A Connection Between Insomnia And DNA?

Sleeplessness or insomnia is increasingly becoming a common ailment. Sleep deprivation has also become a cause for many lifestyle disorders that are growing in number with each passing day. Insomnia is always said to be something related to the mind, but surprisingly recent research has shown that insomnia is not only in the mind but is more in the genes and this finding might go a long way in helping many insomniacs with the right mode and method of treatment.
Your body will show you some signs to take a break

5 Clear Signs That You Need To Take A Break

Your body will let you know when it needs a break. There are ways to identify burnout and stress well before they turn into serious concerns. If you find yourself binge eating for no apparent reason, stress is the cause. Lack of sleep and insomnia, as well as lower libido, are both indicators that you need a break. A condition of hair loss called telegenic effluvium happens when you are highly stressed. While the condition itself doesn't need treatment, the underlying burnout does.

5 Realizations You Will Have In The First 24 Hours Of Having Your Baby

Meeting your baby after nine months of waiting is an exciting event. You will be overwhelmed with a lot of emotions. In the midst...
Midnight snacking can be due to sleep deprivation and disorders

Put A Stop To Sugar Cravings By Sleeping Better

Stayed up too late last night and need a sweetened drink or some sugary treats to get you through the day? Your sleeplessness could be the problem. When you're sleep-deprived, you tend to drag yourself around, skip physical activities, and rely on sugary pick-me-ups. Such habits don't fight sleeplessness and only contribute to you gaining more weight. Optimizing your sleep can help you cut down on your sugar cravings for good and help you stay in shape!