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Why Ayurveda Considers Milk As The Ultimate Health Drink.

Why Ayurveda Considers Milk As The Ultimate Health Drink.

  Since Ayurveda originated in India, westerners and people not exposed to this science, consider it to be propagating Indian food, herbs and spices. Nothing...
Ghee and Honey

Honey And Ghee: Should You Be Combining Them?

Equal quantities by weight of ghee and honey are a bad combination as ghee is cooling, but honey is heating. Honey is a complex polysaccaride...
How To Use Ghee For Skin Care? A Simple Ayurveda Method

Benefits Of Ghee For Your Skin: Get Glowing Skin With Ayurveda

To use ghee for skin, take 10 ounces of ghee and mix with sufficient water. Add fresh water and continue mixing. Repeat this many times till the ghee turns into white with a butter like consistency. This can act as a natural moisturizer, relieves burning sensation, wounds, chicken pox scars, can be applied around umbilicus for excessive bleeding in pregnant women.
Ghee and Ayurveda: The Health Benefits of Using Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Benefits Of Ghee (Clarified Butter): Healthy Reasons From Ayurveda

Ghee or clarified butter, in the past found mainly in many Indian dishes, is now becoming a favorite ingredient not only for Ayurveda cooks,...
Triphala : A Digestive Miracle

Triphala Churna Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage, and, Side Effects

Benefits of Triphala Churna: Rich in antioxidants, calms Kapha and Pita, treats diabetes, cures skin diseases, improves taste and eye sight, treats chronic fever, relieves laziness, treats obesity. Ingredients: Amla, Haritaki and Vibhitaki. Dosage: 1 – 3 grams with honey, ghee or warm water, before food. Triphala tablets and capsules - 1 - 2 tablets once or twice a day, before food.