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How Cow’s Ghee, Ayurveda’s Golden Elixir, Benefits The Skin

There’s something irresistibly magical about ghee – the golden-hued clear butter that is so widely used in Indian cooking. Adding a dollop of ghee...
benefits of applying ghee on hair

Benefits Of Clarified Butter For Your Hair: Ghee For Glossy Hair

Plain clarified butter or ghee, used in ayurveda for centuries, is a simple natural alternative hair-care therapy. A natural conditioner owing to its essential fatty acid content, it can improve circulation to the scalp through simple massages or shiro abhyanga. Or consume it to benefit from vitamins A, D, and E that support sebum production, fight hair loss, and protect your locks from oxidative stress and hair fall.
Both ghee and coconut oil are healthy sources of fat.)

Ghee (Clarified Butter) Vs. Coconut Oil: Which Is Better?

While the low-carb diets are gaining popularity worldwide, fats have made a great comeback in the health scene. The healthy fat foods are numerous,...

How To Choose Between Ghee And Butter For Your Diet

Saturated fats like butter and ghee can be had in moderation. But, they vary in their nutritional benefits. Butter is rich in calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin A. It also lowers liver fat. Meanwhile, the antioxidant and antiatherogenic properties of ghee lower risks of heart disease. Ghee is rich in omega 3 fats, CLA, and butyrate. It balances the stomach acids to promote digestion. It also builds immunity, lowers weight, and improves cognition.

How To Keep The Pitta Dosha In A Balanced State

The Pitta Dosha is responsible for all our daily activities that require energy. When this Dosha gets imbalanced, we experience certain health issues, both physical and psychological. Here, it becomes important to follow a calm lifestyle and avoid any triggers that can imbalance your body. You can also use Ayurvedic methods such as palliative and purification treatments to cure Pitta disorders.
Commonly used kitchen ingredients can easily replace your beauty products for a clear skin

15 Kitchen Ingredients That Can Be Your Beauty Secret

Most of our kitchen stuff are ingredients we've used since we can remember. Most such products can cleanse your skin and double as beauty essentials. These include tomatoes, yogurt, coconut oil, essential oils, sesame oil, arrowroot powder, shea butter, ghee, turmeric, honey, strawberries, apples, and even chocolate. Know just how these can make your skin healthier the natural way.
benefits of ghee

Health Benefits Of Ghee Or Clarified Butter: Try This Ayurvedic Superfood Today

Enriched with antioxidants and key vitamins your body needs, ghee or clarified butter is one of the healthiest sources of fat. It aids weight loss and is even good for heart health when consumed in moderation. Ghee is also recommended in ayurvedic medicine to facilitate digestion and to treat burns and inflammatory swellings.

9 Foods That Will Help You Gain Weight Naturally

Are you skinny and just tired of people asking you to eat more? Or when they feel jealous of you because you don’t gain...

14 Incompatible Food Combinations You Must Avoid

Despite our healthy diets, incompatible food combinations can lead to low immunity, digestive upsets, and allergies. Don't combine milk with veggies, eggs, pulses, or fruit to avoid disturbing digestive enzymes. Don't mix ghee and honey in equal amounts. Avoid curd and buttermilk at night. Don't eat chicken and pork in combination or on the same day. Don't mix uncooked and cooked food.

Know When To Consume Ghee, It Makes A Difference

Consume ghee early in the meal when your vata dosha is high. It is easily digested by the vivid Agni, or digestive strength, at the beginning of a meal, boosting it as well. You can have ghee at the end of a meal when your food is spicy or hot and not if your meal ends in a coolant like curd or ice-cream. Have 1/2 cup hot water after eating ghee. Cure indigestion with buttermilk.

Top 10 Balancing Tips To Stay Grounded This Vata Season

1. Oil every orifice: oil-pulling, nasya, basti. 2. Do daily oil self massage. 3. Cook with ghee to reduce dryness and improve tissue quality. 4. Get into routine. 5. Spend quality time with supportive people. 6. Stay at home more. 7. Sleep before 9pm. 8. Spend less time with electronics. 9. Get a massage. 10. Flame-gaze: Stare at the flickering flame and get immersed.
Missing Vitamin For Bone Health And Its Not Vitamin D

Missing Vitamins For Bones Health And Its Not Vitamin D

Vitamin K has great effect on bone health. It is naturally present in leafy green vegetables but is generated in large amounts in our gut. For healthy production and absorption of Vitamin K, make sure there is everyday bowel movement, include ghee, kale and spinach to your diet, cut back on high sugar and gluten foods and avoid stress.
How Can I Make Traditional Ghee

How Can I Make Traditional Ghee?

Curejoy Expert Claude Butler Explains: Ghee can be used in place of butter and is an ideal cooking oil, as it does not burn unless...
What Are The Health Benefits Of Ghee?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Ghee?

Curejoy Expert Claude Butler Explains: Ayurveda claims that ghee has a host of health and cooking benefits and is beneficial for both the mind and...
Ghee- The Healthy, Yummy And Natural Healing Fat.

Ghee- The Healthy, Yummy And Natural Healing Fat.

Ghee or clarified butter, in the past found mainly in many Indian dishes, is now becoming a favorite ingredient not only for Ayurveda cooks,...