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7 Reasons Why Organic Farming Is The Best

For a long time, critics of organic farming believed that this method of farming was simply not realistic for our current population. Modern farming...

Understanding The Labels “Organic,” “Natural,” And “Fresh”

Food labels don't shed light on whether the product is healthy. Only the labels "100% organic," or "organic" have organic contents. Other labels might contain only 70% of organic ingredients. The label "natural" refers to anything that doesn't have artificial or synthetic additives. But, it permits products produced with hormones and pesticides. The label "fresh" implies unprocessed food that's in its raw state. However, it permits additives, pesticides, and other treatment methods.

3 Side Effects Of Calcium Supplements You Should Know

While calcium supplements are helpful when taken at the recommended doses, excess supplementation could spell trouble for you. Consuming calcium citrate supplements and acidic calcium sources in excess could affect existing reserves, leading to calcium deficiency. Not just that, regularly eating calcium supplements may cause a build-up of the mineral, resulting in increased kidney stone and heart attack risk. Avoid such side effects by increasing your intake of natural calcium sources like green leafy vegetables.

6 Simple Things To Follow To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Self-improvement is one of the cornerstones of personal wellness. People are evolving everyday and they are improving themselves everyday to become better. Self-improvement can...

7 Tips For Staying Cool At Night Without Air Conditioning

Hot weather can make sleeping very difficult. And, lack of sleep can disrupt your plans for the following day. Take a cold shower before sleeping to cool down your body. Avoid spicy and heavy foods during dinner and stay hydrated to prevent the build-up of body heat. Wear cotton clothes to bed to avoid heat-related discomfort. Distract yourself with music or books. Draw the shades in the morning and keep your home environment cool.

6 Lifestyle Changes To Make When Pain Affects Health

A strong mind is essential for a strong body. Therefore, it is important to lead a lifestyle that promotes healthy living. Watch out for the signs your body is giving and act on them to get relief - emotional or physical. Recognize your stress triggers and reduce them, if you cannot completely eliminate them. Stay physically active, follow a balanced diet, improve your sleep habits. Lastly, have a strong social support system.

5 Simple Habits That Will Help You Control Adult Acne

Adult acne affects more women than you think. It often develops because of hormonal imbalances, but certain habits can keep it in check. Limit or avoid dairy products, which increase the same growth hormone from puberty. Refined grains and fried foods increase sebum production, so steer clear of them. Control inflammation by making stress relief a priority. If you smoke, quit. The habit lowers antioxidants, which then alters sebum composition.

The Secret To Why Italians Are So Healthy

If you think Italian food is all about pasta, pizza, lasagna, and prosciutto, you've barely even scraped the surface of what this country and its...

7 Ways To Mentally Detox In 5 Minutes

Before starting the day, take 5 minutes to detox your mind. Head outside and get a breath of fresh air. Meditate and stretch to ease stress, anxiety, and tension. Avoid getting lost on your phone and let the morning unfold naturally. To improve mindfulness and awareness, practice gratitude by writing down what you are thankful for. It’ll also help to drink water and eat a nutritious breakfast to support mental health.

7 Things Doctors Wish They Could Say To You

There are some things doctors wish they could say, but not every doctor will. Many want you to be honest if you’re taking supplements or ditching prescriptions. Doctors also prefer that you’re truthful about lifestyle habits and embarrassing symptoms, so drop the fear that they’ll judge you. Plus, to make a diagnosis, it helps if you’re clear about symptoms. Doctors also want you to know that it helps to practice good hygiene before appointments.
(There are surprising facts about the causes of skin breakouts.

Getting Breakouts Often? You’ll Be Surprised Why

Pimples are not a good sight. If you are one of those people who suffer from acne issues, you know how terrible it can...

What Are The Principles Of A Healthy Diet?

When learning about eating plans, consider several factors before making food choices. Information should always be backed by science and endorsed by professionals, not celebrities or retail stores. It also shouldn’t claim to work for everyone, because we all have different needs and bodies. Instead, core values of a diet should focus on major macronutrients, a variety of foods, and adequate caloric intake. It should also promote healthy weight loss of about 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Can Sleep Deprivation Really Help Alleviate Depression?

Depression is a debilitating condition that can really bring a person’s life to a halt. It can disrupt much more than a person’s social...

Stop Ignoring This Vital Aspect Of Your Health (No, It Isn’t Your Diet)

One of the most impactful revolutions of recent times has been the widespread awareness about healthier food choices. An increasing number of people are moving...

5 Common Lies Patients Tell Their Doctors

Patients may lie to their doctors because they are embarrassed and want to avoid a lecture. You could be misdiagnosed because of these lies. There are no excuses for lying to your doctor as it can have dire consequences to your health. Some of the most common lies that patients tell include whether they smoke, about their drinking habits, and whether they take any other medicines.