Sound Baths: A Progress Toward Wellness Using Sounds

Sound Baths: A Progress Toward Wellness Using Sounds

In this modern, technology-driven world, stress has almost become a part of everyone’s lives. Stress has adverse effects on one’s body, mind, and interactions with others. Sometimes, stress makes you feel so stressed out that even sleep may seem like a task to complete.

But, when you are stressed out, irrespective of your age and the reason that caused your stress, you can always find your calm by listening to your favorite music. It doesn’t matter if you listen to it on the radio or the television or even your headphones; music can do wonders to your mood regardless of the type of music you listen to – rock, hip-hop, classical, pop, etc. From this, you realize that music is not just about artists getting their songs on the top list of the charts; it can help you relax, too.


Sound therapy is a form of holistic healing and has found a place in alternative medicine for managing stress and healing the mind. Sound therapy uses different ways to calm the body and mind. One such healing technique is called the sound bath.

Here is what you need to know about sound baths and how they can be used as a tool to manage stress which marks a progress toward wellness.


1. Sound Baths Don’t Need Rhythms And Beats

They Are Not Rhythms And Beats

Sound baths are not similar to the music that you listen to usually. Music, irrespective of the genre, has a pattern – a rhythm, a beat, and musical instruments. However, sound baths do not necessarily have a rhythm or a beat. The sounds used in sound baths are different from music; they don’t follow a fixed pattern. Sound baths, when executed properly, slow down the brain waves. These sounds help you focus on what is going on with you and your life.


2. Sound Bath Experiences May Be Different

All Experiences Are Not The Same

If you attend a sound bath session with your friend, the experiences you both have may not necessarily be the same. This is because different people respond differently to sound waves and vibrations. Certain sounds may make you happy while others may remind of something bad. This may not be the same for all. Worrying about what others are feeling instead of focusing on your own defeats the purpose of the sound bath. So, when you do attend a sound bath, make sure you give all your attention to yourself and not the others.


3. Sound Baths Require A Sound Practitioner

Know The Best Sound Practitioner

Sound baths are not like any of the traditional concerts where you enjoy yourself with your friends. It is a healing process that requires some kind of expertise. Therefore, when you attend a sound bath, make sure you choose a legitimate place with a certified practitioner. An experienced sound practitioner will know how to handle the power of sound to use it for your well-being.


4. Sound Baths Are For Everyone

Sound Baths Don't Require Any Prerequisite Skills

One of the greatest advantages of a sound bath is that anyone can join the sessions. This is because sound baths do not require any skill. All it needs is your body and mind to be present in the room. While you may find it difficult to exercise well without the help of a trainer, sound baths don’t require a trainer to teach you how to relax or calm the mind. You are your own teacher and you can take control of your mind in a sound bath. You get to know yourself better and can help you in your daily tasks.


5. Regular Sound Baths Give The Best Results

Regular Sound Baths Give The Best Results

Similar to all other forms of meditation, you can only experience the best results if you take sound baths on a regular basis. You are not going to be able to focus on the good and manage stress all just in one session. It takes time to discover and accept yourself, so don’t worry if you cannot feel a difference in a day. Make sound baths a regular and you will know how much power sound can have on your mind.


The Healthy Side Effect Of Sound Baths

Sound Baths Do Not Allow Electronic Gadgets

You are probably wondering how a side effect can be described healthy? But, there is a healthy side effect of sound baths. Sound bath sessions do not allow you to use your electronic gadgets or any other device during the session. This helps you unplug yourself from all the worries and responsibilities you have in your life. Most importantly, it helps you to give yourself some time without any interruptions or distractions.

For some people, this side effect – keeping phones and tablets away – is close to impossible. But, it is not good to feed that feeling. Therefore, it is a healthy side effect that most of us should experience.

Scientific Evidence And Sound Baths

Scientific Evidence And Sound Baths

For people who refuse to believe that sound baths are good for the mind and the body, there are studies and research conducted that may help you change your mind.

One study shows how low-frequency sound stimulation can help in the treatment of fibromyalgia.1 Results of the study showed that there was a significant improvement in the condition of the subjects who participated in the treatment.

Another study showed how sound therapy can help relax the body and the mind.2 Some studies also showed how sound therapy can be used to improve the sleep quality.3 There are studies that also show how music vibrations can have positive effects on anxiety and other moods.4

So, experience the power of sound not just through music but also by attending sound baths. It can relax your body and mind and can also help you focus all your energy on yourself which will help discover yourself.