What Are The Root Causes Of Digestive Problems?

What Are The Causes Of Digestive Problems?

One of the most important questions I address when I see clients for an issue (or all issues for that matter), or when I’m doing a lecture is ‘What Are The Root Causes Of Digestive Problems?’. Most natural health practitioners will simply tell you to do a colon cleanse, followed by enzymes, probiotics, and maybe some Aloe Vera. While this may work for some people, it will not work for most; at least not those things alone. This is because there are specific causes that go way deeper than being able to be fixed by just these methods.
Having said that, part of my job is to simplify sessions with my clients and because of that, I make sure I get to the actual cause very quickly, and then let the client know what I suggest to help them heal at the deepest level. Now, believe it or not, even when there is a deep rooted cause, it still usually takes only a few natural therapies to completely heal.

Common Digestive Problems

  • Candida (systemic yeast infection)
  • Lingering viral, bacterial, or parasitic infection
  • Heavy metal ‘poisoning’
  • Colon issues like Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, Colitis, Crohn’s (autoimmune) disease

Low body temperature (your body doesn’t produce enough enzymes to break down food and other toxins, which can create the above issues). This is the first thing I look at. Take your temperature 30 minutes after awakening, before taking in any food or liquid. If it’s below 98.2, then chances are you are not producing enough digestive or systemic enzymes. This is a subset within a subset, as there can be many causes of this.


Finding the right protocol to eliminate or manage digestive issues is a process but brings major health benefits to those who can stick to the protocol. Now, I will show you a variety of protocols that will help alleviate your digestive symptoms and give you the energy and vibrancy you deserve and are looking for.

Test For Digestive Problems

In the last section, I spoke of various things that may be causing your digestive issues. With all the GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) out there, combined with depleted soil, it’s no wonder that even those of us who try and eat healthily, end up with some type of digestive issue. Our bodies simply view GMO’s as foreign invaders, since these crops have been modified to the point where our body barely even recognizes them as food, and therefore doesn’t know what to do with them once they get in our bodies. Further, altering these foods removes many of the naturally occurring enzymes they once had, so now our body simply can not break down these foods as it would have in the past, when these foods’ were in their naturally occurring state, with all enzymes in tact.



Here’s another scary thought: Only about half of the tests we need to determine disease show up in the tests medical doctors perform. So where do we go to determine the other 50% of potential disease? Naturopathic Doctors (ND’s). So, let’s talk about the additional tests we need to determine what may be wrong with us.

1. Candida (systemic yeast infection)

Stool test from an ND (only major Candida will show up in the blood)


2. Lingering Bacterial Infection

Stool test from an ND (bacteria will only show up in a blood or urine test if your regular doctor is testing for something specific)

3. Parasites

Stool test from an ND (only a major parasite infection will show up in the blood, and a regular doctor will usually refuse to do a stool parasite test. Vets do it for animals, so why won’t doctors do it for humans!? It makes no sense!)


4. Lingering Viral Infection

This must be considered when other tests show up negative. The only way to test for viruses is antibody tests in the blood done by an MD. Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure if you have a virus unless blood comes back positive for the antibodies to fight off specific viruses. The good news is either I, or another qualified Natural Medicine Practitioner, will ask you the proper questions about your history to determine if you may have a lingering virus. All viruses we’ve ever had are still lying dormant in our system (which also become active at certain times), at least with traditional medical treatment. Are there natural ways to knock out viruses for good? yes!!!

5. Heavy Metal Poisoning

A combination of blood, stool, hair, and urine tests, ordered by an ND. Most MD’s will not test for heavy metals, even if you ask for it (although they do know how). These tests are the most complex, because different types of heavy metals show up in different parts of the body. The good news is a good ND knows which ones to test for, based on your symptoms and history, as well as which ones will show up in the blood, hair, urine, or stool.


6. Crohn’s, Colitis, Diverticulosis, Diverticulitis

These are all inflammatory issues within your colon, and much as it hurts me to say this, the only way to test for these issues is via a colonoscopy, through an MD. What is the number one cause of these issues? Gluten! Get off the gluten!

7. Leaky Gut Syndrome

When we keep eating foods we’re sensitive to, such as gluten, dairy, corn, soy, etc. (we’ll talk about food sensitivities next), they begin building up in our digestive tract. Our body can not eliminate them, and as a result, bacteria and fungus begin to form, eventually beginning to ‘leak’ through our intestinal walls and into the bloodstream. This is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome. We’ll talk about how to heal this, and all other issues above, in the next article. The only way to test for this condition is a stool sample, ordered by an ND.


8. Food Sensitivities

Wouldn’t it be great if we actually knew which foods we’re sensitive to, so we can avoid them? Well, we can! This test is also done through a stool sample, ordered by an ND. Why do we have so many food sensitivities nowadays that we’ve never had in the past? GMO’s!!! How do we avoid GMO foods? Anything that is a grain, nut, seed, bean, fruit, or vegetable, look on the label (or produce itself), and make sure it either says ‘NON-GMO’, or ‘CERTIFIED ORGANIC’, or ‘USDA ORGANIC’ (organic foods are automatically non-gmo).

Next, in part 2 of this article, we will discuss how to heal from these various digestive issues.