6 Reasons Why Cottage Cheese Is Great For Your Health

reasons why cottage cheese is great for health

The popular low-calorie cheese with a mild flavor and fragrance, cottage cheese is power-packed with nutrition. With the advent of healthy eating and vegetarianism, cottage cheese has seen it become a staple in many households, worldwide.

It’s both sturdy and smooth and can be used as an ingredient for various dishes ranging from salads to sandwiches.


 The Nutritional Value Of Cottage Cheese

100 grams of cottage cheese majorly contains:1

  • calories- 98 kcal
  • carbohydrates- 3.38g
  • fat- 4.5 g
  • sugar- 2.6 g
  • protein- 11.12 g
  • vitamin A- 37 ug
  • Cholesterol- 17 mg
  • Phosphorus- 159 mg
  • Potassium- 104 mg
  • Sodium- 364 mg

Trace elements like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc and B complex vitamins are also present.


6 Health Benefits Of Cottage Cheese

1. Cottage Cheese Can Help You Lose Weight

cottage cheese can help in weight-loss

The high protein and low carbohydrate content of cottage cheese make it a great food option for those who are on a weight-loss regime. It leaves a feeling of fullness and cuts down the tendency of developing food cravings.2 Being high in calcium, it also helps people on diets to maintain weight reduction easily, especially if they eating healthy. Studies have found that dietary calcium can effectively reduce fat accumulation and increase the rate of fat loss.3


2. Increases Bone Density And Strength

cottage cheese improves bone strength

Our skeletal system loves calcium. The best way we can show that we care for our bones is by adding calcium to our diet in the form of dairy. Cottage cheese is a rich source of calcium. Calcium, when added to the diet of postmenopausal women, was found to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.4 Calcium supplementation through diet is the best way to fulfill our body’s needs. Studies even found that calcium intake combined with a long-term exercise routine can greatly improve bone and muscle mass.5


3. Improves Heart Health And Insulin Tolerance

cottage cheese boosts heart health and insulin tolerance

Studies have proven that patients who were on a low-fat diet with daily exercise showed a marked reduction in the progress of coronary artery disease. Cottage cheese is an inexpensive and easy low-fat option when compared to saturated fat options like animal products and full-fat dairy.6 Researchers have also found that when obese/overweight individuals who suffered from excessive weight gain and Type 2 diabetes followed a low-fat diet, considerable improvement is seen in weight-loss as well as glucose tolerance.7


4. Reduces Muscle Cramps And Stress

cottage cheese for muscle cramps and stress relaxation

Being a high source sodium, cottage cheese can aid in maintaining fluid balance in the body, hence making it good for people who often suffer from muscle cramps. Studies have shown that regular intake of sodium can also reduce stress levels effectively.8


Cottage cheese is also rich in potassium which is known to protect the brain from strokes as well as to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease in hypertensive patients.9

5. Improves Digestion And Metabolism

cottage cheese improves digestion and metabolism


Cottage cheese contains phosphorous, which plays a major role in the normal functioning of the digestive system from digestion to excretion. It supplements calcium in bone formation and boosts the overall energy levels in people suffering from fatigue.10 It is also a rich source of probiotics, which means it’s great for your gut health.

6. Enhances Body Composition And Strength

cottage cheese is good for building muscles

Cottage cheese contains casein, which is excellent at building muscle among athletes and gym rats. Studies have reported a significant increase in body composition and strength among individuals who had casein supplementation along with resistance training.11Although casein builds muscle proteins slower than whey, it delays the breakdown of the muscle protein after exercise due to its lower absorption.12Include cottage cheese in your favorite smoothie or protein drink and reap the benefits.

Given the above reasons, cottage cheese definitely needs to be a part of your diet unless you are lactose intolerant. Its milky goodness can amp the nutrition levels of any pancake, salad, smoothie, lasagna or curry of your choice.