Things That Every Pup Parent Must Have

Getting a new pup home is a big decision. And one of the most rewarding ones you’ll ever make. But before you bring your puppy home, you will need to keep some pet supplies handy. Here’s a quick read-through on 11 puppy-owner must haves.

1. A Crate For Your Pup

Crate training is an important part of training your puppy in his initial days. Investing in a sturdy, collapsible metal crate is a good idea as it is easy to stow away when not in use, and can also be used when you’re traveling with your dog. Buy a large crate for your puppy as he will become a full-grown dog before you know it.

A crate is a safe place for your pet to be in when you aren’t around to watch him. You can make his crate a happy place to be in, by giving him treats and his toys there. A crate is also important when you’re potty training your puppy.

2. A Doggie Bed

In his initial days, you will need to give your puppy a dog bed that is the size of his crate and have him sleep inside the crate on his bed. The bed will make sure your puppy likes being in his crate and feels safe and cozy inside it.

3. Food And Water Bowls

Your puppy will need two bowls, one for his grub and the other one for water. In the beginning, it’s good for your puppy to start expecting meals in a familiar food bowl every day. It’s a good idea to buy sturdy bowls that don’t get knocked over easily. Plastic bowls can look like toys, and are better avoided. It’s a good idea to buy medium sized bowls that you can use for a while as your puppy grows up.

You will need to remember to keep fresh water available for your puppy throughout the day and make sure his bowls are cleaned frequently.

4. Puppy Food

During his initial few months your puppy will need puppy food. You will need to consult your vet about how long he needs to be on this food. Usually young dogs are kept on puppy food for about 6 months to a year. You will need to invest in a good brand of food which is nutritionally balanced to meet the requirements of your growing pup.

5. A Leash And A Collar

A leash is an important item to own when you’re getting a new dog. You may have a yard, but you will need to take your puppy out for walks to keep him stimulated mentally and physically. And you will need to have your dog on a leash whenever you take him out on these walks.

The leash lets you control where your dog goes and helps keep him out of harm’s way. It lets you keep him away from distractions when he goes out to do his business. Your dog will also need leash training during his obedience class. Your puppy will need a collar for you to attach the leash onto. A sturdy collar is important for the safety of your dog when he’s out for his walk. The collar is also important as it holds the ID tag in place.

6. A Name Tag

An ID tag is a must have item in your list of pet supplies. It will help identify your dog and have him brought back to you, if he ever goes missing. An ID tag needs to have not just the name of the dog but also your contact details. Optional information to have on the ID tag can be your alternate phone numbers or your house address. It is recommended that your pet have a collar with an ID tag attached to it, at all times. You can use the harness only when he goes for his walks. He will still need to have his collar with the ID tag on for safety.

7. A Harness

A harness is a better option than a neck collar, when you take your dog for a walk, as a neck collar, when pulled, puts too much pressure on the dog’s neck muscles and can even hurt them. A harness lets you control your dog without hurting his neck. There are many different types of harnesses available for you to choose from. You can opt for a body harness, a face harness or a chest harness. It is recommended that you use a body or chest harness for small and medium sized dogs and use the face harness for bigger breeds.

8. Poop Bags

Dog poop can contain nasty bacteria and parasites and can transmit diseases to other dogs or people stepping on it. As a responsible pet owner, it’s imperative that you clean up after your dog, when you take him for his walk. You can use poop bags available just for this.

9. Toys For Your Puppy

Your puppy will need toys to keep himself entertained. You can buy him different kinds of toys. He will need chew toys (to leave your shoes alone!), plush toys, tug of war toys, balls, puzzle toys etc. Make sure you do not leave all the toys out for him to play. Introduce one toy at a time and rotate them so that he doesn’t get bored of them.

10. Treats For Your Pup

Treats are an important part of obedience training and can be used to positively reinforce good behaviors in your pup. But you will need to make sure you aren’t feeding him too many treats, as he will then lose his appetite for his regular food which is required to meet all his nutritional needs. You can try different brands of treats and see what
your puppy prefers.

11. Car Safety Harness

You will need to invest on a good safety harness for your puppy for use in the car. It’s important for your dog as it will keep him safely in one spot inside the car and prevent him from moving around and distracting you as you drive. Dogs, especially small puppies can sometimes get under the seats which is very dangerous in a moving car. A harness is also important as it will protect your pup if you were to get into an accident. You may need to invest on a booster seat for your pup along with a car safety harness.