The Power Of Detachment.

The Power Of Detachment.

In this material world, we are so much attached, although we know and understand that we have to leave the entire and depart. Let us visualize the scene at the cremation ground. More than the dialogue about the obvious grief of separating from the departed soul, the main area of conversation revolves around the fallacy that life brings forth. For that time perhaps everything appears as a delusion and almost all of us feel the need of detachment. And then, what happens? We are back to basics intermingling in the worldly avarice, with only the faintest notion of disconnection and such reality is only revised when the next time we perceive another soul depart. But then the question remains that why are we so attached, and to what ?


Attachment- A Sign of Insecurity:

Attachment in a way roots from the feeling of insecurity. We depend upon everyone and everything that touches our lives for fulfilling the sagacity of solitude. And this is plain human nature. Although, it is clear to us by so much paradigm that nothing and nobody in this life is requisite.

Virtually we get affected even so easily. Be it an object of delight for which our material longing would just not subside, or some relation which leaves voidable trauma onto our mental calm; or even the disbelieving acts of disenchantment which keeps us attached to the point till we are able to settle the score.

Even though today we are so much engrossed in the lives we lead, fighting for our rights and doing our duties; we are virtually attached also to the comforts and pleasures that life brings forth. Nothing wrong in all this or is it ? Well, the problem is that we are absorbed into all this to the extent that we are disregarding our purpose in this life. Yes, the human life has been made able to you and to me with a purpose. We did not just happen!


Watching ourselves as a Spectator:

Lets look at our everyday life for instance, we are slaves to our taste buds or the better of us would be living for eating and not eating for living! And then we toil around in our areas of work, to gain, maintain and provide ourselves a decent and comfortable living. We are so much pained by even the slightest agony that touches our loved ones. We are almost always doing our duties in all phases of life. But what are we here for? Only to live, work, earn, enjoy the fame, do the duty, attain prosperity and leave behind all this for the coming generations who would talk, follow or not follow and pass on the tradition. Because nothing is indispensable and we all have to leave today or tomorrow, as the countdown has begun! Yet, how many times in our entire life span do we watch ourselves as a spectator?

In my practice as a doctor, I have been pained by the sufferings of my patients. It is human to feel the pain of fellow humans, but at the same time, if a doctor has to provide the right treatment; he has to come out of this feeling. The doctor has to detach. Another example is more common feature of our Indian homes, when there is occasional quarrel among the children. Many a times it so happens that both of your kids bring forward the issue before your parental judgment with the trust in their eyes that you would do the fair dealing. Now, in this situation, again you have to detach and look into the matter as a third person. You cannot just stay attached, be affected and provide the right justice. Similar is the fate of the lives we lead. It is only when we are able to detach, are we able to realize our basic potential and purpose of this human life which is actually a minute reflection of the universal being.


What is the Need?

We need to understand and analyse the concept of detachment. When we focus on material wealth, then whatever we gain is never sufficient. You buy a piece of land, and just after that you want more and some more. Today you are happy with the trendy piece of jewellery that you own, but tomorrow this seems so less. And the world is so full of material obsession and modernized comforts. Then how to draw the line? How to make yourself understand that now you have enough. This is not possible unless you are able to detach. When your neighbor or colleague discloses of his riches to you, can you simply share his happiness and at the same time recognize that this is not your need. You do not need to stuff your being with material gains only because someone else is doing so.

[pullquote]The power of detachment is therefore the power of acknowledging your being. All else is superfluous and provisional. [/pullquote]

This is not easy. We are all influenced by human outlook and attitude. So, the crux remains, we need to recognize the need to detach. Only when we are detached, we are more human. We have to commit this to our memory simply because our life is not limitless and our every breath counts. We have to come out of all this as we step into another tomorrow. This is because when we are unable to detach from the objects and people in our life, our relations et all, then we become unnecessarily judgmental. We try to interfere and live the lives of all others. But what about our life? Is there someone else who is going to be accountable for our life? This never happens. We are not answerable for the other person’s life either; be it our child, a close friend or even a soul mate. Similarly, no other person is accountable for our life. This settles the score!


How to Detach?

I just told you that detachment is a powerful gain and growth of your inner self. And this is the discovery which makes you more humane and lively. This is because only when you are detached, you are able to acknowledge every passing moment. And you are prepared to fully live in that every single moment that life brings forth. But the subject remains that how to detach? Let me tell you that it would be so much easier for you to be able to detach yourself when you make yourself aware of the basic need of the same.

[pullquote]The power of detachment is actually the power of wisdom and harmony with your own inner self and the very purpose of your life and existence.[/pullquote]

In other words, detachment is essentially the key which is going to unfold all that what life has in store for you. This would come about when you have convinced yourself that you need to detach and separate your being first from material gains and comforts of the world, then from the sole reliance on the kith and kin and final and the most vital is detachment from your own self. Detachment becomes doable when you hold on to trust and faith that is there to guide your being in array with the universal existence. Detaching would not mean that now you are left all alone in the journey of your life, but on the contrary, now when you are abiding by your true self and are able to focus on the purpose of your life; the almighty is sure to bless you with happiness, contentment, positivity and freedom. The power of detachment connects you with your higher self and makes you infinite spiritual subsistence!


The Gains of Detachment

[pullquote]In Bhagvad Gita, the best form of detachment is believed to be through Meditation. By disengaging the senses and also the mind from the outside world is the ultimate source of gaining the transcendent.[/pullquote]

Picture this, when the water is muddy and tainted, the only practical way to make the mud settle down is to let it remain untouched, stable or detached. Detachment opens a world of realizations for you, wherein you are able to consciously discover your being much beyond the impending. Also, as and when you are able to grace the power of detachment, you redeem the factual meaning of human life and reinforce the power of your sub-conscious mind. This means at this point, you are a free bird and able to actually manifest your intentions. This is because as and when you encompass the power of detachment, you are living in harmony and unison with your own true self. At this point, there is no stimulus in the world that interferes with your peace of mind. Although you are performing your duties in this life most efficiently, but at the same time you are able to rejoice in the power of detachment.