Handy Makeup Rules For Women Over 40

As you age, the products you have used in the past might no longer be working. Do not panic yet. It’s not as if you have lost the touch; it could simply mean that you need to change your makeup rules to fit your face today. With a varied range of products especially made for older women, now is the time to learn a few tricks and do your makeup right.

After the age of 40, the skin becomes thinner than it was in your youth, and this results in your complexion to get dull and pale. This is because, as women start to menopause, their estrogen levels drop, resulting in dryness of the skin. To curb this, hydrating liquid formulas work well. Read on to learn a few makeup rules if you have reached 40 years of age.


1. Foundation Rules

Yellow and gold are considered as the universal undertones of youth. To give a more youthful appearance, use warm colors such as yellow and gold for your foundation. After 40 years of age, the broken capillaries start to pop out more often in aging skin, and to balance that redness, yellow and gold undertones are perfect to use.


2. Eyebrow Tips

People tend to have defined, full brows in their youth, which fade over time and get sparser. To curb the eyebrow problem, use powder to fill in thin areas and give color to the brows. You can also hide bald spots in your brows by using a pencil and then, apply powder on top of it to provide perfect coverage to the area.


3. Toning Tricks

The rosy glow you had as a child fades away with time. But as you age, the cheeks almost lose that flush as the blood circulation to the skin becomes less active. This means that you can actually start using bolder shades that you might have shied away from during your youth. In fact, the use of warm and bright tones such as peach and pink go better than the dusty, smoky, muted colors such as brown and gray. Warm, bright tones flatter your aging skin and cheer it up against your natural, dull tone.


4. Lip Care

As you naturally age, the ultraviolet light causes the collagen in the lips to break down, and this is the reason your lips get dry and shrink with age. To provide hydration, use hydrating lip balms and take good care of your lips. An amazing makeup rule can give your lips a satisfying appearance of plumpness and hydration as well. Just apply a matte lipstick over the lip balm on your lip and to prevent the feathering of the matte lipstick, follow it up with a couple of dabs of gloss in the center-most part of your pout.


5. Eyelash Rules

Although you might be used to applying those thickening and volumizing formulas, on older lashes, they might just feel like added weight. Eyelashes, too, get thinner with age, so start using an eyelash curler and then, apply a curling and lengthening mascara. Use the ‘mascara wand’ from the base and push up giving an even lift to the eyelashes.


6. Blush And Bronzer

As you start losing the superficial layer of fat beneath the surface of your skin with age, your cheekbones start revealing themselves. This is a good thing. All you need to do is highlight them with the right blush and bronzer. So, play your cheeks up by applying blush along the top of the cheekbones instead applying them only on the apples of your cheeks. If your cheekbones still don’t pop out, add a sweep of bronzer just underneath them, and they will perfectly stand out.


7. Eyeshadow Rules

As you age and the skin over the eyes start to droop, your eyelids can shrink. Smaller eyelids also mean that they are warmer, causing the eye shadow to slide off. To prevent a makeup meltdown and keep the eye shadow from settling into those wrinkles, fine lines, and veins and age spots, always use an eye primer.

8. Powder Tips


Finishing sweeps are necessary, and with the translucent new formulas, ultramattifying doesn’t come into the scene at all. Do not apply powder over your whole face. Just apply it to your nose, chin, and forehead and avoid the cheeks and under the eyes, where it can form a cake and settle into wrinkles and fine lines.

With these great makeup rules, looking gorgeous over 40 isn’t difficult at all.