The Science Of Kinesiology And What A Session Involves

A Kinesiology Session Balances The Energy Levels In The Body And Prevents Diseases

Kinesiology began in the 60s with Dr. George Goodheart DC. He took muscle testing to a whole new level and combined it with the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and new science by incorporating chiropractic methods. That’s why you’ll find a lot of chiropractors using certain kinesiology methods these days.

The fundamentals of kinesiology allow it to be holistic in every sense of the word. Because it uses energy to unlock stress in the body that leads to disease, it uses years of knowledge gained from many varying techniques and utilizes them all, such as the following:

  • Acupoints from Acupuncture
  • The release of the cranial joints in cranial sacral therapy
  • The meridians from Chinese Medicine
  • The inner workings of the brain used by leading neuroscientists

With these many applications, kinesiology has become a difficult modality to explain or for people to understand. So, it’s no surprise that many people are confused about what happens in a kinesiology session.

Breaking Down A Kinesiology Session

For your body to work harmoniously and in a receptive and balanced manner, all the organs, glands, and cells need to work together. A negative

belief can create an imbalance in the body by changing the vibration in different areas of your body. Kinesiologists locate these negative beliefs and the time they were created. These occur often during stressful moments that remain unresolved and have instead been pushed down into a little corner to avoid it rearing its ugly head.

We all have a lot of unresolved emotions as we are basically not that great at dealing with them. We don’t get lessons in how to deal with things properly. We’re usually told – just don’t think about it! But by doing so, we hold onto such emotions and create negative beliefs based on fear or anger or something similar.

Kinesiology helps you to let go of negative beliefs and unresolved emotions quickly and easily.

If we hold onto an issue for a long time, it begins to grow into a mental or physical problem. Holding a hot object in your hand long enough can give you blisters or burns, which can turn into an infection and lead to a whole bunch of other health issues. So,

just let go of the object! This is where kinesiology comes into the picture. It relieves you of stressful beliefs and emotions without the hassle of going through painful memories that can leave you raw.

Introducing A Positive Goal

Kinesiologists use muscle testing, acupoints, chakras, and other such tools to locate negative beliefs, unresolved emotions, and triggers. Once found, they turn the negative belief into something positive and create a goal for your body to work toward. They then find out what is stopping you from being aligned with this goal and release the energetic imbalance.

You may at times feel inadequate in your life, like you’re not good enough. Kinesiologists turn this around and insert the goal “I am good enough” in your mind and find out when you initially created the stress related to this goal. It may have been in this life or a past life. They then locate where it is stored in your body, how it affects it, and then release that energy. This may lead to anywhere from a small to big energetic release, which can affect

you in many ways. For example, releasing heat and heaviness frees your body, mind, and soul, so they can get back to doing what they do best – supporting you.

Targeting The Negative Beliefs

Here’s where it gets really interesting. The longer you have a negative belief, the more the symptoms and negative beliefs it may have created. By digging deeper like an investigator, kinesiologists can find a whole chain of negative beliefs that were created, what the original belief was, and change them all by finding what is keeping that belief in place.

They find the stories that you have created that simply unravel themselves. It’s almost magical to watch it all unfold. You can see people truly resonating with every belief and the full impact on their body, such as exactly where the aches and pains in your structure, organs, or glands are in your body.

How The Energy Is Released And Changed

Let’s say, you’re suffering from a virus and a cough. A negative belief you had at the time made you susceptible to this virus, and once it enters your body,

it changes the vibration or creates a restriction in the flow of energy. Just like how a clogged water pipe reacts when something is blocking the flow, your chest and throat behave the same way, which can result in a cough. This might be due to you not speaking up about something or the truth or facing difficulty communicating with someone.

Such kind of negativity can change the vibration or consistency of the flow. Where there may have once been a vibration of 628 mhz, it now has a vibration of around 123 mhz. The energy bounces off of each other confused and unsure of what to do or is sluggish instead of flowing in a smooth direction. This is because your lungs, bronchial tubes, and other organs may now be working more in isolation than together, creating diseases and allowing viruses or bacteria to enter your body.

How To Balance The Energy In Your Body

We need to form an ordered flow in the body and let it know that it needs to release the confusion and change the vibration to its

natural state. We can do this in a number of ways.

We can release the negative beliefs and emotions by pinpointing when they were created and how they are stopping the brain and body from working smoothly. We release the negative energetic charge or find the correct vibration level to balance and restore it to its natural state. Just like how a high stomach pH level can cause acidity and lead to disease, an imbalanced energetic frequency on your body can also create an imbalance.

The energy on the Earth right now is shifting and people are becoming more aware of the food they eat, how they treat themselves and others, and what’s going on more than ever before. As part of that awakening you hear about, so many new healing modalities are being created. It’s a pretty exciting time to be alive!