Health Issues Different Types Of Skin Breakouts Indicate

Almost everyone desires flawless, beautiful skin due to which you may spend a lot of money on expensive skin products. You may also follow an extensive skincare regime religiously to get the type of skin you want. But no matter what you do, you are bound to suffer from those nasty breakouts every once in a while. You may do your best to get rid of them, but they may pop up over and over again, to your frustration.

How To Get Rid Of Breakouts Completely


If you want to get rid of acne forever, it is not enough to take care of your skin externally. You need to practice “face mapping,” a technique that lets you look into the location, type, and time of appearance of your acne. It will give you clues about the cause of your acne so that you can take measures to get rid of them once and for all.

What The Location Of Your Breakout Suggests And What You Should Do


If a certain gland or organ in your body is toxic or weak, it can show up as acne in different areas of your skin.

  • Between Your Brows: If you have a breakout between your eyebrows, you may have to think back to your last few meals. Have you been eating greasy, fatty foods or been drinking too much alcohol? Then those could be the cause.1
    Focus on eating healthy and keep yourself hydrated. Your problem should get resolved within a few days.
  • Forehead: If your digestive system is strained and is having a hard time breaking down the food you eat, it can show up as acne on your forehead. Such acne may also indicate a buildup of toxins in your body (probably due to liver problems, a sleep deficiency, or too much stress.
    Try making some changes to your diet by including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can have papaya before meals to improve digestion and can sip warm lemon water to flush out toxins from your liver. Also, try to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.
  • Cheeks: When your cheeks come in contact with polluted air or germs, it can result in acne. Breakouts on your skin can also be caused by respiratory system allergies or excessive sugar consumption.
    To get rid of such acne wash your face thoroughly before bed and apply an antioxidant or wear a mask each time you step out. Also, limit your sugar intake.
  • Chin: Acne on your chin could indicate you are just days before the start of your period. Hormonal changes around this time are to blame.
    Take extra care of your skin during this time of the month. You should eat clean, wash your face regularly, and keep hydrated. Be cautious about resting your chin on your hands as it can cause the oils from your fingertips to transfer onto your chin, causing further breakouts or an infection.

What The Kind Of Breakout Suggests And What You Should Do

Getting a closer look at your breakouts and checking whether you have just a few inflamed pimples, acne, or blackheads can give you a better idea of what is causing them.

  • Clogged Pores And Blackheads: The pores of your skin produce an oil called sebum. If these pores get clogged it can lead to the formation of tiny black dots. Blackheads are usually a sign of a congested liver.2
    Drink a glass of warm water with some lemon and honey to flush the toxins out from your liver. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Occasional Acne: If your skin is generally clear but acne shows up every once in a while, it could be due to stress.3
    If you have been stressed lately, take some time out to relax. You can practice yoga, meditation, and deep breathing techniques to help you keep stress at bay.
  • Frequent Acne: If you are frequently plagued by acne despite doing everything right, you may have to reconsider the products you use. There may be chemicals in your product that may not be suiting your skin.
    Try switching to herbal products. Since such products are gentler on the skin, so they may suit your skin better.
  • Cystic Acne: If you find that a painful, small bump has formed underneath the surface of your skin, you are dealing with cystic acne. Such acne is generally associated with hormonal issues caused by your menstrual cycle, menopause, pre-menopause, childbirth, and breastfeeding. It could also be an indication of a digestive issue.
    If hormonal issues are to blame, you can drink 2 to 3 cups of chaste berry tea a day.4 You should also include more probiotics in your diet.

What The Timing Of Your Acne Indicates And What You Should Do

Knowing when your acne showed up can also give you insight into the cause.

  • Morning: If you experience a breakout first thing in the morning, then you may have eaten a heavy, greasy dinner or a sugary dessert the previous night. You may have also forgotten to wash your face before going to bed. So, your pores may have got clogged and acne-causing bacteria may have infected them.
    Always eat a light, clean dinner and cleanse your face thoroughly before going to bed.
  • Afternoon: If your face is clean in the morning but acne shows up by afternoon, you may want to reconsider your moisturizer. Such acne is also common when you are approaching that time of the month again.
    Make sure to use a light moisturizer especially during summer. During this time, your skin produces enough oil of its own so you don’t need too much moisturization. And use a non-comedogenic sunscreen to prevent blackheads and clogged pores.
  • Evening: During the day, your skin is subjected to a lot of dirt, sweat, makeup, and pollution. If you do not clean your face in the evening, you may experience breakouts.
    Make it a habit of washing your face immediately after you get back from work or after a workout.