The Healing Power Of Chi Explained

Chi is the powerful force of life that flows through all living beings. ‘Chi’ is an ancient Chinese word that means energy. This energy flows through everyone. Chi can be interpreted as an abstract concept as well as a tangible entity. Chi can be understood as a spiritual concept as well as a general idea. Chi as a concept can be subjective as people can give it their own interpretation.

Chi- The Ultimate Life Force

Chi can be be defined as a life force that follows through all living beings. Strong chi makes us alive and alert, and weak chi brings sluggishness and fatigue. The concept of ‘life giving force’ exist in many different cultures all across the globe. In China, it is called chi. In India, Hinduism uses the term ‘Prana’ to represent life force. In Japan, ‘ki’ is a concept used to represent life. According to Native Americans, the ‘Great Spirit’ holds the mystery of life force. So, the concept of life force is not uncommon in cultures.

Chinese Culture is one of the oldest culture which knows a lot about chi and mastering chi. Chi can be controlled and enhanced to overcome illness, increase mental capacity and to become more alive in each and every moment.

The General Concept Of Chi

The most general idea of chi explains it to be an omnipresent entity that is present in everyone and in everything. But the amount of chi varies from individual to individual and things to things. Chi can move freely and is capable of permeating anything. In some fields like Kung or Feng Shui, the idea is to channelize chi and create positivity around.

In another model, it is believed that chi is present in air. This means chi is always present around us. The presence of chi can be related to breath and blood as the air around us can affect them both. That is why chi can be equated to blood and breath, according to the believers of this model.

Martial Arts And Chi

The practice of martial arts require physical and mental acumen. It takes dedication, focus and persistence to master a form of martial arts. Martial arts uses physical actions to affect the circulation inside our bodies, which can also be equated to chi. Good Posture is believed to be behind good chi.

Chi can not fit into a specific definition. Chi can neither be defined as a form of energy like thermal, nor can it be called a specific part of a matter like a molecule. There is a lot of creative dissent that exist regarding the definition of chi. Scientists have agreed to accept chi as an ancient truth, but even they can’t really explain it.

The Practice Of Chi Kung

Chi kung is a set of physical exercises that can produce healthy bodies and minds. It focuses on enhancing a person’s chi to heal and restore good health. Kung is not a belief, but rather it is a practice which focuses on improving an individual’s overall well being.

How To Do Chi Kung

1. You need to relax your body and mind before you start practicing Chi Kung.
2. Stand in martial arts horse stance posture for a minute.
3. Now, stand straight and relax again. Bring your hands together and rub them for a few minutes, following which you should close your eyes.
4. Now you need to move your hands. Start by keeping your hands 6 inches away while facing each other. Move your hands 24 inches away from each other and bring them back to the starting point. Focus on visualizing accumulated chi in between your hands. Move at a steady pace of 1-3 movements per second. Focus on accumulating more chi for 2-4 minutes until you start noticing sensation of heat in between your hands. You can also feel some tingling sensation in your palms.

This practice allows you to channel your chi to gain better health. Chi Kung will help you in achieving a strong body and a stronger mind.