Guide To Crystal Healing For Humans And Animals

Guide To Crystal Healing For Humans And Animals
Guide To Crystal Healing For Humans And Animals

Crystals are very versatile and have a beautiful purpose to come into our lives. If you are just discovering crystals or already established relationships with your crystals, you will find this article useful in taking you a step further. Crystals operate like a magnet. You can see waves which pull and push all the energy around it. Some crystals push on higher frequencies, such as Selenite or Amethyst, whereas others push on lower frequencies, such as Garnet or Tourmaline. The difference between the higher and lower vibrations is in relationship to how they work inside us. Note that, higher doesn’t mean better than lower. It’s just a matter of which aspect you will need healing and support in. Crystals which ground us and work with the root chakra and other lower level chakras are called the ‘lower vibration crystals’ and the crystals that stimulate the brain, mental clarity, and higher frequencies of the mind are typically the ones that are called ‘higher vibration crystals’.

How To Use Crystals For Healing?

The simplest way to heal using a crystal is by wearing it or keeping it in your pocket. You can also put crystals under your bed (one for each chakra for instance or follow a grid). Other methods of healing with crystals, are using a wand to point and focus love, energy and intent on the other person in a way that relates specifically to their ailment and needs. Various crystals and minerals can also be placed on or around a fully clothed person to induce deep relaxation, release stress and pain, promote energy balance within the physical and subtle bodies. A crystals can be used alone or in set patterns with other crystals like a ‘crystal grid’. They can be placed on areas of pain, on acupuncture points, energy meridians, or on subtle energy vortexes called ‘chakras’.


Just like a living being, crystals also have a pulse. Some people can feel it as a slight electric current, some may actually feel something like a heart-beat and some may not feel anything at all. The crystals energy or the crystal itself may feel cold or hot and often the energy can feel like it is shooting up through your arm or migrating. Other times the sensation can be localized, resonating in one very specific area of your body (most likely an area that needs healing). The best time you can feel a crystal pulse is after cleansing your crystals in the light of a full moon or in the sunlight for 8-9 hours or longer.

Crystals can be carried around in your pocket to clear energy or for protection, they can be used in meditation to help achieve certain goals such as increased intuition, better focus, more peace and calm and for manifestation.


Crystals have the ability to hold and emit energy vibrations. When a crystal is put in a watch the battery sends a constant charge through the crystal. The crystal absorbs the charge, and then releases it at such a precise rate it is used to make the watch keep perfect time. Crystals affect our electro-magnetic energy fields or subtle bodies which surround and permeate the physical body. These include the etheric, emotional and mental bodies, which are collectively called the aura.

Crystals absorb, focus, direct and diffuse our energy fields to enable a diseased or out of balance body to find it’s natural energetic rhythm once again. The appropriate crystals can be placed on the seven main chakras, which look like different colored spinning wheels of subtle energy, running up the center of the torso. These link the subtle energy fields of our aura with our emotions, glands, organs, physical body parts and subtle and physical circulatory flows. This is why wearing certain crystals such as Yellow Citrine may uplift you, Rose Quartz may help to ease heartache, and Amethyst may calm a busy mind and help you to sleep.


Common Crystals Used For Healing

Pink and green stones such as Rose quartz and Jade are great for healing emotional issues and relate to the heart chakra, which is the ‘green chakra’. Yellow stones are typically related to the solar plexus chakra, which is known to be yellow. Citrine is a common stone used to heal solar plexus related issues such as problems with self-confidence and personal power.

You can also wear the crystals for healing as a bracelet, necklace or pendant. The healing may take some time as the crystal is only in contact with one small area of the body. For protection from adverse psychic energies, crystals such as turquoise, labradorite or iolite can be worn over the chest. You can also put the appropriate stones or layouts on a photo or drawing of yourself for an appropriate period of time.


Books such as “Love is in the Earth” by Melody (Earth Love Publishing House, ISBN 0 – 9628190 – 0 -X) give detailed descriptions of each crystal, and a few such as “The Complete Illustrated Guide to Crystal Healing” by Simon Lilly (Element, ISBN 1 – 86204 – 326 – 4 ) describe the various crystal layouts you can use for healing.

You can have a look at different crystals healing properties here.


Can Animals Benefit From Crystal Therapy?

Yes, in fact animals are more attuned to the subtle electro-magnetic qualities of crystals. Crystals can be placed on or around an animal, but it is usually more convenient to place crystals on a drawing or a photo of them for a set period of time. Alternatively a gem essence can also be added to their drinking water. Gem essences can be made in the same way as a flower essence by putting a gem in spring water and exposing it to sunlight for a couple of hours. Then brandy is added to the water to preserve it, and then a few drops of this mother tincture are used to make a stock essence. Then a few drops of the stock essence are added to drinking water.

However, even drinking water with a non-poisonous gem put in it overnight can have beneficial effects. But, take the gem out before drinking it. For instance, Pearl is excellent for calming a traumatized animal or child, Emerald is good for cats that keeps vomiting up fur balls, and Ruby is good for improving energy.


Can Opposing Crystals Be Used Together?

Some crystals such as Ruby or Garnet enhance vitality, and others such as Amethyst, Malachite and Lapis calm hyper-energy states. In general warm coloured stones – red, orange and yellow stimulate energy flow, and cool colours – blue, green and violet calm over activity. In a treatment some areas will need calming and others will need stimulating, but if you were to use a stimulating stone and a calming stone on the same spot it would simply neutralize the effect of each stone.

Can I Use Crystals To Heal My Environment?

Yes, Crystals can affect the energy of an environment, and can influence you whether you simply hold it in your hand or place it by your bed or on the mantelpiece. You can use a simple rock salt crystal as a lamp or a large quartz as a centerpiece, so that they can emanate and envelop positivity around you.


Placing a clear quartz point on top of computers and televisions will help immensely, as gadgets create electro-magnetic fields that adversely affect our energies. These crystals will need cleansing regularly in clean water to prevent a build-up of electro-magnetic energy from the source.

Quartz crystals can also be placed in windows or on windowsills to absorb or deflect adverse external energies, such as those emanating from electricity sub stations or pylon lines. The crystal points need to face towards the source of the adverse energy.

Keeping a bowl of crystals on your kitchen table can help dissipate negative energies. Snowflake Obsidian, Apache Tears and Amethyst are a wonderful combination.

You can put a couple of chunks of Black Obsidian outside and on either side of your front door. In the room where you front door (or side door—which ever people enter through) is located, you could set a piece of Black Tourmaline in each corner. Black Tourmaline can diffuse negativity and transmute the energy into loving kindness.

Carrying a Hematite in your pocket can keep your energy field grounded and balance. You can also carry Rose Quartz which will fill you and your energy field with love, compassion and understanding.

You can also wear a pendant or earrings with your favorite crystal as they will surround your body and infuses your auric field with positive, loving energies.

For creating a healing room, place a group of crystals under a healing table which will assist in the body accepting the healing energies. Many healers actually make a grid with a variety of crystals under their table to assist in this area. Selenite is a particular favorite.
Placing Clear Quartz in a healing room is an amazing addition, as Quartz will amplify the energy of the other healing crystals you have placed throughout the room and around your healing table.

For a sacred space, pick some crystals that you absolutely adore, that bring you joy and place them around the room or on your altar. This is a space to fill with your favorite things, which lifts you to a higher vibration/frequency allowing you to connect with the higher self that is you.

You may want to highlight a single piece on your altar or table each week that will assist you in working on a specific issue. Choose with a specific intent in mind, or allow your intuition to make the choice by looking over your crystals and picking up the one that you are drawn to at that moment.

It is also a good idea to keep a journal. Write down crystals and or combinations of crystals that work effectively for you, whether it is for personal issues or for a specific healing session. Remember, your energy vibration is unique. Taking notes or writing down these observations will assist you in finding your own crystal path.

Simple Exercises For Healing

If you know what effect each type of crystal has according to its colour, shape and mineral content, then you can make use of them to initiate a specific effect on the energy balance of chakras, meridians, energy, organs and emotions.

Usually crystals with the points facing away from the problem area move the energy away from that area, and crystals placed with the points facing inwards recharge the body with subtle energies.

For instance a pain such as a headache indicates an over-energy situation or energy blockage. A crystal such as an amethyst point can be used to move the energy away from the area of imbalance.

Lie down and place one amethyst on either side of the base of the throat, just above the innermost end of the collarbones. The points should be facing upwards towards the head. Place another amethyst on the brow chakra in the middle of the forehead with the point facing up towards the crown of the head. Place the fourth crystal above the crown of the head, with the point facing straight up and away from crown of the head.

A fifth optional amethyst can be put below the back of the head, on the cervical vertebrae of the neck, with the point facing up towards the head, if the headache originates from tight neck muscles. If you find it difficult to make the crystals stay in place you can tape them on with micropore. Relax with the crystals in place for 5-15 minutes, or for as long as it takes for the headache to ease. Drink plenty of mineral water following the treatment.

There are many layouts for you to choose from, so the therapist either works intuitively or dowses with a pendulum for the right layout. For instance the ‘Seal of Solomon’ layout can also be used to relieve pain or stress. Six quartz points in a star formation can be placed around a painful spot, or around the whole body. A malachite stone can be placed in the center to accelerate the dispersal of energy. Another layout called ‘The figure of eight’ uses quartz crystals in the shape of a figure of eight to increase the movement of the body’s electro-magnet energy where it has become sluggish.

Place a tumbled Charoite in a glass pitcher of water for 24 hours. You may even want to set the pitcher out in the sunshine to further infuse it. Use some of this water (one part infused water to two parts regular water) to make a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage.


Different crystals have different energies, properties, and have a certain purpose. When a crystal chooses you, it can affect you mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. You don’t need to have an extensive knowledge of crystals and their purpose to start your healing, just choose one that you’re drawn to intuitively and the crystal will do the magic!