Beauty Oils – Elixirs Of Youth

Eternal youth and physical immortality have captured the imagination for thousands of years. Explorers have long sought elixirs for eternal beauty and youth that would protect against aging. Today, many types of research are being conducted in the science of genetics that may slow down or even stop the aging process.

Try these eight essential oils to promote beauty and eternal youth. Each oil is known for its potent restorative and regenerative properties and may be helpful for slowing down or even reversing signs of aging.


8 Essential Oils For Beauty

1. Ylang-Ylang (Cananga Odorata)

Steam distilled flowers (beauty oil neutralizes negativity), regenerative, and restorative for skin and hair). Best location for growing and distilling ylang-ylang is the Reunion Islands, Madagascar.

The scent is sweet, floral, balsamic, exotic, and sensual. It is one of the best essential oils for promoting a balanced nervous system and to enhance beauty. Often used in the beauty and skincare industry ylang-ylang oil’s skin harmonizing properties promote regeneration and formation of new skin cell tissues.


Caution: Skin sensitization (moderate risk). Maximum dermal use level .8%.

2. Rose (Rosa Damascena)

Steam distilled flower petals (skin regenerative, frees emotions). Best locations for growing and distilling are Bulgaria and Turkey.


Harmonizing for all skin types rose oil’s skin nourishing action makes it a useful addition to facial and skin care formulas. Rose oil promotes cellular regeneration and its cooling effect is ideal for soothing sensitive or inflamed skin cell tissue. It’s cleansing, moisturizing, and tonic properties make it an excellent choice for smoothing and softening facial lines and wrinkles; especially nourishing and balancing for mature, sensitive, and dry skin types. Use rose oil, along with helichrysum and carrot seed oil to fade old scars and broken capillaries.

Caution: Maximum dermal use level .6%.


3. Helichrysum (Helichrysum Italicum)

Italian everlasting an Immortelle, steam distilled flowers (#1 skin regenerative oil). Best location for growing and distilling is Corsica.

Helichrysum has been used for centuries in European countries. Its scent is sweet, warm, and radiant with a slight herbal top note. Its character is honey-like, delicate, and light. Its reputation for accelerating the formation of skin tissue is unsurpassed by any other essential oil.


Caution: Skin irritation (moderate risk). Maximum dermal use level .5%.

4. Carrot Seed (Daucas Carota)

Steam distilled seed (Skin Regenerative). Best location for growing and distilling is France. Sweet and herbaceous an artful distillation of carrot seed oil results in a lovely smelling oil that smells like fresh-pressed carrot juice.


Primarily used for its holistic skin care effects carrot seed’s potent antioxidant and tonic properties promote elasticity and tone to skin cell tissue through its ability to stimulate the formation of red blood cells.

5. Rose Geranium (Pelargonium Roseum And Graveolens)

Steam distilled leaf (hormone balance and skin regenerative). Best locations for growing and distilling are Bourbon (Reunion Islands) Madagascar and Albania. The heady and exotic aroma of geranium oil is delightfully fresh, sweet, floral, and sensuous.


An excellent skin care oil, geranium oil’s astringent and regenerative properties make it effective in preventing signs of aging skin. Good for all skin types. It’s nourishing and balancing effect can soften and even eliminate scars and dark age spots by improving blood circulation and the even distribution of melanin beneath the skin.

Caution: It may interfere with gestation. Avoid in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

6. Patchouli (Pogostemon Cablin)

Steam distilled leaf. Best locations for growing and distilling is Indonesia. (skin regenerative, aphrodisiac).

The heady scent of patchouli is earthy, sweet, resinous, warm, radiant, exotic, and sensual. Excellent for rejuvenating chapped, cracked, or mature, and sensitive skin.

Caution: Possible drug interaction, may inhibit blood clotting.

7. Clary Sage (Salvia Sclarea)

Steam distilled or hydro diffused flowers. Best locations for growing and distilling are France and the USA. (skin regenerative, release deep tension).

Sweet, warm, exotic, and sensuous with a slight herbal note clary sage is an especially inviting aroma. Clary Sage has a soothing effect on deeply held nervous tension. Its skin healing properties make it useful in beauty and skin care formulations which may be related to stress like hair loss. May also be a wrinkle reducer. Its deodorant and astringent action make clary sage excellent for controlling body odor and excessive perspiration.

Caution: Skin sensitization (moderate risk). Maximum dermal use level .25%.

8. Rosemary Verbenon (Rosmarinus Officinalis ct. Verbenon)

Steam distilled herb and flowering tops. (first aid, hair, and skin regenerative, restorative). Best locations for growing and distilling are Corsica, Italy, and France.

With its long history of use, rosemary is one of the most highly valued oils of all the essential oils. It has been used as a sacred plant aromatic since ancient time. Remnants of rosemary plant have been discovered in Egyptian tombs and its incense was used by the Egyptians for purification and healing.

Rosemary Verbenon’s skin nourishing and regulating action make it excellent for treating mature skin, too oily or dry hair, skin, and scalp conditions. Frequently used in hair treatment formulas to stop hair loss, as well as stimulate new hair growth.

Caution: Maximum dermal use level 6.5%. Do apply to or near the face of infants or children.

DIY Beauty Treatments

Fill half of two-ounce colored glass bottle (contains approximately about 600 drops of fluid) with an atomizer (spray top) of pure spring or purified water. Add your essential oil or oil blended in dispersant/carrier of aloe gel/juice. Fill the bottle with pure water, shake well, and use as instructed below for each type of application.

  • Facial Toner – Thoroughly blend 6-10 drops of essential oil in 1 TBSP of aloe vera gel/juice (carrier). May also add 1 tsp of witch hazel (as an astringent). Fill the bottle with pure water, shake well, and mist onto a cotton facial pad and use as a facial toner.
  • Body Mist/Freshener – Thoroughly blend 8-12 drops of essential oils to 1 TBSP of aloe gel/juice. May also add 1 tsp of witch hazel (as an astringent). Fill the bottle with pure water, shake well, and lightly mist on to freshen skin.
  • Deodorant – Thoroughly blend 15-18 drops of essential oil in 1 TBSP aloe vera gel/juice. Shake well and lightly mist under arms.
  • Air freshener and Room Deodorizer – 120-180 drops of essential oil in water.

Pure essential oils that have not been added to a carrier/dispersant like aloe gel will float on top of the water, so will need to shake your bottle to disperse the oils somewhat into the water each time before spraying.

PLEASE NOTE: Heavier oils can gum up the atomizer spray, especially the higher dilution amounts of oil. If this should happen simply add more water to your atomizer bottle, shake well, and spray.