Easy Exercises To Look Your Best This Mother’s Day

Easy Exercises To Look Your Best This Mother’s Day
Easy Exercises To Look Your Best This Mother’s Day

Wow! Is this really happening, I am getting the unique opportunity to tell over 3 million mothers around the world “Happy Mother’s Day

Yes, I am talking about YOU sunshine.. Happy Mom’s Day!


Two days ago, it was such a honor when I received an email from Curejoy, asking me to write something inspirational so every mother will feel the love and appreciation for the things she has done over the years….

So I thought to myself. What can I give to really help a mother who might be struggling with her weight right now?


I mean after carrying babies in your tummy for months, dealing with the pain of cramps, migraine headaches you get from your family and busting your butt working 8 to 12 hours a day to keep food on the table, clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet and a roof over our head..

After all that you still manage to keep that cute smile on your face, your hair is always beautifully done, you’re always smelling like a garden of roses and lets not forget your soccer mom role with the kiddos and your sensual role with your hubby after hours…


Whew!! This is a huge job and I speak for every man around the globe, you deserve more appreciation, more love, more listening, more admiration, HELL, you should be placed on the HIGHEST Pedestal there is!!

However, I am sending you this message, to not only honor you on your special day, but I want to give you a Mothers Day gift you will never forget…


Let’s dive into and fix the 5 fat-storing problem areas around your body, imagine looking in the mirror at a body that is toned, sculpted and lean… No matter your age or size, your boost in confidence is going to sky rocket after hearing all the compliments from your co-workers.

But pay close attention when you feel that surge of energy flow through your body like a little kid at recess. But let me warn you of something..


Your hubby is going to be chasing you like a cat when he sees your new sexy mom physique.. Or better yet you might spark the interest of that new man that you can’t get off your mind.

But, you may be thinking..


“Wesley are you sure you know what my problem area is?”

“I believe this is my time to make an amazing transformation, but I have some real problems that has caused me so much pain and frustration.”


Well, how about this.. Let me give it a shot and you let me know if I’m wrong. But before I do let me be straight with you….

Instead of giving you a lot of facts and scientific studies, I decided to go one step further and give you the real uncut raw video of simple but effective exercises that will completely resolve all your problems areas.

Like the annoying Bat Wings that flap under your arms, the muffin top that pokes out and hang over your jeans, the thunder thighs that keep you from wearing cute skinny jeans, the saggy droopy booty or the bra-strap fat that bunches up and rolls over.

But wait one minute!!!

I can’t forget it’s Mothers day…. and even though you may not be my biological mother, I think every woman deserves to hear those three little words. The words that will put a smile on your face and make the goose bumps around your body come out to play.

“You Are Gorgeous!! Let me say it twice in case you didn’t hear me.. You are Gorgeous! You are Gorgeous! And I speak for all men and boys around the world, when I say thank you for wiping our butts, thank you for putting up with our crap, thank you for the support, thank you for always believing in us, Thank you for the phone calls, thank you for carrying us for nine months, thank you for washing and ironing our clothes and thank you for always trying to make our day better and brighter even when you were tired, overwhelmed and drained.”

To be personal my mom is an amazing woman, I mean she is really second to none, which is probably why I am single, because over the past 30 plus years my mom has treated me like a king and she always made me feel super special.

But hey that’s what moms do right? Even you… No matter how old, big, stubborn or hard-headed your children may get, you’ll always be in that corner ready to appear when we cry for your help.

Thinking back.. Anytime I would get in trouble my mom had the unique talent to make me feel that everything would be fine after I got the switch to my butt of course.. LOL!

Well mom it is time for you to watch your muffin top vanish, transform your bat wings into smooth desirable muscles, reduce your thunder thighs so fast it’s going to make your head spin, give that booty a natural lift that will look 10x better than any butt injection serum on the market and reshape your back.

The Bat Wings

Not going to get into a long dialog here, but let’s just say if you keep doing this routine over and over and over gain. Get ready to get up one morning and be surprised because when you shake your arms your bat wings will be gone and your arms will be toned.

Muffin Top

This is one my favorite workouts because it basically pulls the fat back and reshapes the muscle so your skinny jeans will look perfectly around your waist.

Thunder Thighs

If your thighs are huge right now and you have a hard time pulling up your jeans or pants. This is for you!!! Do this exercise twice a day and watch your thighs literally shrink in the bathroom mirror.

Saggy Booty

Ok, Mom. No one likes a saggy booty right?  But Wes is here to save the day with my Ultimate Butt Workout!!

Bra Strap Fat

Do you HATE strapping on your bra only to have to wrestle with your fat around the strap? If so, this is the needle in the haystack you’ve been waiting for.