5 Detox Hacks That You Should Know About

Detox methods that are out of the box and you should know about

Every day, you are exposed to different pollutants, preservatives, pesticides and harmful chemicals that get stored in your cells as toxins. You are in constant contact with these toxins daily that have cancerous, metabolic, reproductive and mental health effects.

Toxic overload in the body can be indicated by signs like bloating, constipation, gas, headaches, nausea, obesity, skin problems, food cravings, low energy, bad breath, mood swings and much more. Toxins can be dangerous for your overall health. Detoxification is a process that allows you to avoid this toxic overload and allow yourself to heal from the harmful effects of these toxins.1


Surprising Detox Methods You Should Try

1. Oil Pulling Strengthens The Teeth And Gums

Oil pulling gets rid of all impurities from your body

Detox routines are essential in today’s world where almost all food items, environment, air, water, and soil are contaminated with harmful chemicals. There are many simple ways to follow on a daily basis that neither consume your time nor require much effort. Oil pulling is considered a miracle cure in ayurvedic medicine and it is often considered too simplistic to be of any value. It is a traditional method used as a home remedy for strengthening gums and teeth and in improving the overall oral health.


Swishing the mouth with oils such as coconut oil, olive oil or sesame oil can have additional therapeutic benefits of curing arthritis, fatigue, reducing blood pressure, inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol and its production in the liver. You can experience improvement in conditions like diabetes, pain in the joints, digestive issues, hormonal disruptions and respiratory issues. Oil pulling works by sucking out toxins out of the blood stream through a vein under the tongue. The oil activates detoxifying enzymes in the saliva and balances energy thus helping to effectively detox the body.2

2. Detox Drinks Reduce Inflammation

Detox drinks like lemon water are good for inflammation


A number of fruits, vegetables, spices like cinnamon and herbs like wheat-grass are capable of stimulating the detoxification process in the body. They also enhance health by supplying adequate vitamins and minerals to the body. You will find this method quite easy to include in your daily routine. Infused water is tasty to drink and can be had in place of plain water. The detox drink helps to reduce inflammation, aids digestion, cleanses the liver, increases the energy levels, promotes healthy skin and improves body functions.

Other detox drinks help you to get rid of that sluggish bloating feeling in your body. You will end up doing more trips to the restrooms as the body empties the toxins through sweat and urine. Detox drinks aid in weight loss as the body loses excess water in the tissues through this routine. Lemon, watermelon, cucumber, ginger, apple, cinnamon, mint leaves and strawberries are great for a detox.


Add any of these ingredients to a glass jar of water and leave overnight. Rejuvenate yourself with this cooling drink in the morning and all through the day to remove toxins from your body. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Adding more green leafy vegetables and fruits to your diet can help to detox and enhance the overall health of the body as these are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.3

3. Herbal Tea Boosts Your Immunity

Herbal teas have the cleansing effect


Herbal teas are not new to us as they get advertised everywhere and are recommended by celebrity icons. Including a cup of herbal tea daily can boost your immunity and detoxify the liver. Lemon, ginger, Mmnt or dandelion teas are highly beneficial for a liver detox. They are excellent remedies for weight loss and for improving fitness.

When paired with detox drinks, they are capable of replenishing your body with the daily dose of antioxidants that can remove toxins.4Green tea boosts detox enzymes and fights the formation of free radicals that cause cancer. It has the highest flavonoid content which is an effective antioxidant. Adding a dash of lemon juice to your cup of green tea can add to the antioxidant potential.


4. Exercise And Yoga Circulates The Blood

Yoga and other movement patterns helps circulate the blood

Moving your body helps to circulate blood and lymph. When blood and lymph circulate more, the liver and the lymph nodes can actively cleanse and purify the blood and the lymph. These are responsible for transporting life-giving oxygen to all the parts of the body and for removing the toxins.


Exercise aids the digestion process and removes toxins in the form of sweat and feces from the body. It helps in weight loss, reduces stress, strengthens the joints and balances the hormone levels. Aim to exercise for at least half an hour per day. Let it be some exercise that can make you pant and puff and raise a sweat. Toxins are stored in the fat cells and exercise can help reduce the subcutaneous fat and get rid of the accumulation of toxins.

Yoga exercises can detox the lymph system, lower blood pressure, balance energy and improve and purify the circulation of the blood stream. The effect is visible in the form of clear skin. Breathing exercises in yoga can help reduce the allergic effects of pollutants and improve the respiratory function.5

5. Walking Outdoors Balances Your Energy Levels

Taking a slow walk outdoors gives you fresh air and helps with detoxification

A walk outdoor for at least 30 minutes every day can do wonders to your body. The rise in allergies and autoimmune disorders are linked to imbalanced immune function. Even if you remain in your house the whole day, you are still exposed to harmful chemicals in your cleaning liquids, detergents, shampoos and air. Exposure to open fresh air and natural sunlight can boost energy and balance the stress caused by free radical damage. The free radical damage is an important factor for the cause of inflammation in the body that generates various diseases. Oxygen rich air can calm the nervous system and cleanse the kidneys. Beat your laziness in the morning, go for a quiet walk in the park and be energetic the whole day.6

So, start your day with oil pulling and a walk outdoors for some fresh air. Break a sweat! Drink fruit infused water, herbal teas and water throughout the day. Load your plate with green leafy vegetables and fruits. With the correct balance of following these in your daily life, you do not require to set aside your time and energy for a separate detox routine each day.