6 Borderline-Creepy Things Women Do In The Beginning Of A Relationship

The beginning of a relationship often feels like a drug-induced joyride because you have no idea what is really happening. But this time also happens to be the most thrilling time for a couple freshly in love. Women tend to be all in love in the beginning of a relationship. And women tend to do a lot of crazy and even creepy things in the beginning of a relationship that they will never admit to in public. Some of those creepy things can either result from love or sometimes even cheap thrills. But whatever the reason be, here is a list of inexplicable things that women do in the beginning of a relationship that they will never admit to.

1. Stalk Him And His Ex Over And Over Again

This is something that almost all women do or have done. Cyber-stalking a new partner for continuous updates is something that will ring a bell with every women who has ever dated. This incessant need comes from a place of uncertainty that is very prevalent in the beginning of a relationship. Women are often wondering about the other person’s commitment to the relationship. Hence, they try to find validation from all places possible. And since, social media is where people nowadays acknowledge their love the most; that’s where women go to find it. And stalking current partner’s ex is something women do for cheap thrills.

2. Delete Search History

Everyone likes to snoop around behind people’s back but nobody wants to be caught doing it. And women are intelligent beings who know how to not leave a trail of doubt behind. So, after stalking their current partners and their partner’s exes, women generally would delete their search history. Women might do things that are crazy but they never want to be caught red-handed. Hence, they clean the crime scene so that no doubt is ever raised.

3. Reading Conversations

The romance in a relationship is heart-warming in the beginning. Couples say or write the most romantic things to each other during this time. And nothing warms a woman’s heart more than a few words of pure love. So, reading old conversations is something that women do a lot more they would want to admit. They love revisiting that space of love and romance that those messages created for them. So, women might not admit to doing this, but they definitely do it more than you think.

4. Changing Last Name In Her Imagination

This is again a very harmless thing that women do all the time. When women fall in love, they like to imagine themselves with the last names of their partners’ just to see how it feels. And mostly, it feels wonderful for them and that’s why they indulge themselves in this imaginary play. Women do this when they are completely smitten by their partners. So, if your woman is changing her last name in her imagination, then she must really like you.

5. Random Pictures

A lot of women have pleaded guilty to this petty crime. It is not a big secret that women love to take photos of everything. Hence, when they are new in love, they tend to take a lot photos of their partners. They do that because they want to capture that moment which they think is adorable.

6. Baby Talk

Yeah, this is not a very adorable thing for others to witness. When couples baby talk too much, it can be very annoying to others. But couples tend to do that even more when they are new in love, especially women. But it would be unfair to say that all women or couples do this. But most couples and women do. Although, some do it in private and some indulge in it in public.

We all do things in private that are little crazy and it is alright as long as others don’t us catch red-handed. So, keep your quirks hidden from the world or don’t. It’s up to you.