Basics of Natural Hair Care

Having and maintaining a natural beautiful hair with a soft, vibrant and lustrous glow is something that every woman wants to have. Although many different factors that can hinder you from achieving such exist, there are a lot of natural hair care tricks and remedies that you can apply and use to prevent any unwanted hair damage like breakage and split ends.

Natural hair care methods are both eco-friendly and healthy for your hair and scalp. Not only will it make your hair look more beautiful and stronger, but it will also help you to grow your hair into a desired length.


Hair Care Tips

  • Cleanse – the environment where you live may be full of unwanted dirt and other pollutants that can stick to the strands of your hair, therefore, it is recommended that you use a shampoo that is not so chemically harsh to clean your hair. There are a lot of organic shampoos found in the market that you could choose from, so pick a product that will suit your hair type. It is important for you to remember that lathering your hair every other day is better to let the natural sebum coat an additional layer of protection for your hair.
  • Condition – regular use of conditioner for your hair can help bring back moisture to your hair and give you a soft, smooth and lustrous hair effect.
  • Moisturize – moisture loss can make your hair look and feel dry. This causes it to be prone to breakage. To avoid this, use products that can seal in moisture to your hair. Also, there are natural home remedies to moisturize your hair such as applying natural oils like olive oil, mayonnaise, virgin coconut oil and mashed avocado.
  • Style – whenever you are styling your hair, make sure not to apply too much heat as it will cause loss of moisture on your hair. In effect, this makes it brittle and can cause damage to your hair fibers and cuticles easier. Avoid styling it too tightly as well since this can possibly lead to breakage.
  • Detangle – Do not use too much force in combing your hair whenever you try to detangle. Blow drying and toweling your hair properly after each wash can help you prevent the tangles from forming. Furthermore, take note that maintaining proper moisture in the hair can help you have a tangle-free hair.

To keep your hair silky, soft, lustrous and radiantly beautiful without the weighted look and feel, always keep in mind that going the natural way is always the best way. So maintain a healthy hair by using and applying natural methods to prevent damage to your hair.