Balancing A Busy Schedule And Mental Wellness

How to balance a busy schedule ?
Balancing A Busy Schedule And Mental Wellness

There are few among us, who go about their days in a leisurely manner, stopping to smell roses and appreciate the little things in life. In general, we are all in a hurry, heavily overbooked with obligations and activities that leave us feeling drained. We run on fumes until we either collapse or crash, both physically and mentally.

While job related deadlines, watching your kid’s soccer game and making that 2:45 dental appointment are all important, none of it can happen without making sure our mental wellness is a priority on par with our physical well being. After all, the two work in tandem and when one is off, it’s likely the other will be off as well.


When we live life with little to no stress, the positive impacts include fewer sick days used, more actual accomplishments rather than a multitude of half-finished projects and a higher level of satisfaction. Here are some suggestions for reaching and maintaining mental well being.

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Be Proactive And Set Aside Time For Yourself

Even a small window of time that is spent alone in meditation or the pleasure of a good book is enough to help recharge your mental batteries.  If at all possible, put away, better still, turn off all mobile devices, television or anything else that you find distracting or annoying. Some enjoy a long soak in the tub while others prefer a nap on the couch wrapped in a cozy quilt. Whatever it is, find a way to relax once in a while.

Learn To Use The Word “No”

It’s such a small but powerful word. To the detriment of mental stability, many people have a hard time actually saying “no”. Instead, we beat around the bush and finally agree to something that is most likely going to completely empty our mental reserves. Meeting the expectations of others should not be so costly that you lose your peace of mind in the process.


Make A List Of Your Obligations

Our minds are frequently a jumbled mess of the various things we must see about or get done within a certain period of time.  Settle down long enough to take a deep breath and make a list of exactly what those things are and the time involved to completion.  Prioritize the list, giving yourself the time required to get things done.  If something has to go, let it go.  You don’t have to go around singing about it unless you want to, just let it go.

Go To The Gym 3 to 5 Times Weekly

It has been proven that exercise helps reduce depression, lowers stress levels and strengthens the immune system.  If going to the gym isn’t your thing, take a walk outside or go swimming. Do something to get the blood flowing and heart rate up.


Get Plenty Of Sleep

A well-rested body is one of the best ways to ensure mental well being.  Our bodies and minds need a break.  Make sure your mattress is comfortable and let your mind drift into dreamland.

What Should You Avoid?

Don’t turn to various forms of self-medication in an effort to manage stress. Using alcohol, cigarettes or sweets provides fleeting relief from what you’re feeling but not at all conducive to a healthy life in the long run.


Get Help!

If you find that a form of self-medication is your method of handling stress, consider getting professional help.  There is no reason to feel ashamed.  Anyone can feel overwhelmed with life’s demands from time to time and most people suffer at least 1 or 2 bouts of depression or anxiety in a lifetime. Coping with it may require a little help. With today’s technology, it’s possible to get treated using a phone or laptop through various online sources.

Taking the above natural and positive steps to reduce stress will benefit not only your life but the lives of your nearby loved ones and friends.  Start de-stressing today!