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Sweta Srivastava Vikram, featured by Asian Fusion as “one of the most influential Asians of our time,” is an award-winning and bestselling author of 11 books, writing coach, wellness columnist, and certified yoga & Ayurveda holistic health counselor. A graduate of Columbia University, she also teaches the power of yoga, Ayurveda, and mindful living to female trauma survivors, writers and artists, busy women, entrepreneurs, and business professionals. Sweta, a global speaker, is also the founder and CEO of NimmiLife, which helps you attain your goals by elevating your creativity and productivity by using the alternate healing sciences of yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle counseling.

7 Benefits Of Holding Walking Meetings At Work

You have probably heard about the numerous health benefits of walking – right from strengthening your heart, boosting the immune function, and easing joint...

5 Yoga Poses Beneficial For Writers And Artists

Whether you're facing a creative block, body pain, physical and emotional tension, or doubts about your creativity, yoga can help you. Yoga not only strengthens your body and reduces the risk of pains but also clears up your mind and makes space for new, creative, positive thoughts. Yoga poses that help include the head-to-knee forward bend, the bridge, shoulder stand, tree, and legs-up-the-wall.

Amazing Benefits Of Poha That Can Elevate Your Productivity

Poha is a snack that is made from uncooked basmati rice and is more commonly known as flattened rice that helps to give you the good nutrition. It can be prepared quickly and topped with all the veggies and other healthy ingredients of your choice. Some of the benefits of poha include it being rich in iron, good for the heart, low in gluten, and reducing the risk of heart problems.

Amazing Things Khichadi Can Do To Relieve Pain And Stress

Khichadi is a staple comfort food of the Indian subcontinent and is considered as a great source for relieving stress and pain. It helps to sooth the gastrointestinal tract that helps keep you less stresses and free from any sort of pain. It is also a great source for protein for vegetarians, although not being a complete source of protein such as animal protein, it can be used as an alternative. It also helps balance the ayurvedic doshas and keep them at a balance, so that they are not causing problems for your mind and body.

How Can Dinacharya (Daily Routine) Be Beneficial For You

Dinacharya is the daily routine ritual that you can do which is a form of ayurvedic wellness method that can make your life that much more productive and easy as well as enjoyable at the same time. It is vital to stick to a routine since this form of an ayurvedic lifestyle and is very simple but takes effort tot perfect. It is the method in which we perform this routine is the problem and can lead to people failing in it. It helps in emotional, physical as well as psychological factors of the mind and can solve your tensions and grievances in life. Follow the steps that can help you to perfect this method of life.

Unleashing The Benefits Of Makhana

Makhana or lotus seed can be eaten as a snack with peanuts, as a food during fasts, or in desserts. It has astringent properties, helping to remove toxins from the body. It is gluten-free, rich in protein, low in calories so, it can help in reducing weight. Makhana also has low fat, cholesterol, and sodium level and high magnesium level, thus lowering heart attack risk and controlling blood pressure and obesity. Makhana is an antioxidant that slows aging process.

The Importance Of Gratitude In Our Lives

Being grateful – in an overwhelming situation or when you are not at your best – is not easy. But if you can control your emotions and express your gratitude, then life can turn positively towards you. Gratitude effectively increases happiness, reduces depression, improves quality of sleep, self-confidence, and mental health, helps lower blood pressure, and makes us happier, optimistic, and less self-centered.

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