Susan Fauman

I have trained classically in Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda for almost 15 years, spending more than 2 years studying in India with Ayurvedic doctors and healers. I am a passionate educator and speaker in college classrooms, yoga studios and at professional conferences. I have training in western and Ayurvedic herbal formulation and in diet and nutrition through the lenses of Ayurveda and classical Taoist medicine. I am also a skilled bodyworker, weaving Shiatsu massage technique into deep-tissue massage and Ayurvedic body treatments.

Ayurvedic Insights On An Ideal Sexual Life

Proper indulgence in sex can nourish oneself. Ayurveda says that under certain circumstances sex and orgasms be restricted. As sex increases vata in the body, the seasons of the year, time of day, foods consumed are all factors to be considered while indulging. Foods and guidelines to reduce vata effect are to be followed to maximize benefits from indulging in sex.

What Is Fever According To Ayurveda?

According to Ayurvedic legend, Lord Shiva in his wrathful form as Rudra, gave birth to fever after a long spell of meditation. His focus...

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