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6 Reasons To Add Sprouts To Your Diet Today

Looking for an affordable way to lose weight, improve your circulation, and give your immunity a natural boost? Try adding sprouts to your diet. From vitamin C, the powerful antioxidant that fights off cancer-causing free radicals to metabolism-boosting enzymes that improve your digestion, sprouts give your body the nutrients it needs while saving you a considerable amount on your grocery bills!

7 Ways How Eating Shallots Can Improve Your Health

From reducing your risks of cancer and boosting cognitive function to protecting your heart health and improving your vision - shallots are not just great for your health but are also a great mood booster. Rich in flavonols and polyphenolic compounds, this low-calorie bulb makes a delicious ingredient to add to your diet and won't sabotage your weight loss plans!

Busting 5 Common Myths About Disabled People

People with disabilities are not necessarily doomed to being chronically ill, and can be just as healthy as people without disabilities, provided he has the access to the right kind of healthcare. People with disabilities are also not incapable of leading independent lives, and they are completely capable of pursuing healthy romantic relationships. Disabled people should also stop being seen as recipients of charity, since they have plenty to contribute.

4 Reasons Why Edamame May Not Be All That Healthy

In America, most of the soybean, and thus, edamame (which is "young soybean) is genetically modified and is linked with birth defects and stomach inflammation in animal studies. The isoflavones in edamame have also been shown to alter natural estrogen activity, which may increase one's risk of breast cancer and fertility problems. Soy also contains protease inhibitors that may bring on pancreatic hyperplasia and hypertrophy, resulting in severe digestive distress.

5 Tips To Help You Stay Sun-Safe This Summer

Summer is synonymous with skimpy. Come March, everyone’s busy digging out those summery dresses and swimsuits. But when the seasonal allergies start breaking out,...

How Cow’s Ghee, Ayurveda’s Golden Elixir, Benefits The Skin

There’s something irresistibly magical about ghee – the golden-hued clear butter that is so widely used in Indian cooking. Adding a dollop of ghee...

5 Amazing Benefits Of Turmeric For Skin

You might know turmeric as the yellow spice that gives curry its vibrant color. But turmeric does not just perk up your food! This...

The Story Of Turmeric

This year’s hottest new global beauty and health trend isn’t from your favorite mall or beauty salon but from your spice drawer. Turns out,...

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