Paul Scicluna

Paul’s journey into health and wellness began over 20 years ago, due to suffering chronic asthma from birth up until his late teens. He turned around his life of suffering asthma and has never looked back. Paul’s research and practice into true health has enabled him to pass his knowledge onto others. His clients range from everyday people to CEOs, sports models, Football League stars and their wives, to Mr Universe 2011. He’s helped people to lose weight, build muscle, overcome injuries to ridding chronic health problems such as Ross River Fever, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diabetes and more. Paul's passion is to empower people to take control, and transform their lives to a level of greatness they never thought possible.

Coffee, The Better Health Drink

A potent neurostimulant and diuretic, coffee can trigger anxiety, sleep disorders, heartburn, mild dehydration, and aging. However, moderate coffee consumption has no serious health repercussions. In fact, it is a rich source of immunity-boosting antioxidants and nutrients (B vits, potassium, manganese). Limit to 2-3 cups of coffee a day and use healthy sweeteners like honey.

3 Tips To Lose Fat, Boost Energy, And Improve Health

Beyond 30, we start losing muscle mass and accumulate more body fat. Fat loss becomes a challenge that can't be solved by just walking and counting calories. Rather, eat healthy fats and lean proteins to create a thermogenic effect, boost metabolism, and burn fat. Stop endless cardio and do strength training instead to build strength, preserve muscle tissues and hike resting metabolic rate.

Here’s Why You Need To Ditch That Diet Soda

Contrary to mass belief that diet sodas help you consume less calories than regular colas, the truth is they cause fat accumulation and weight gain. The artificial sweetener, aspartame, used in diet sodas, dehydrates you and increases your risk of leukaemia and non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Revitalize yourself with herbal teas, fruit juices, smoothies, and iced lemon soda water.

Cinnamon: Magical Spice For Weight Loss And Blood Sugar Control

Your body accumulates unused sugar as fat. Cinnamon reduces the sugar floating around in your blood stream. It reduces fasting glucose levels and minimizes the glucose absorbed after a meal. It also improves your insulin sensitivity. All in all, lesser sugar means lesser weight gain. Add this spice to at least one meal a day or to your smoothies, juices, fruit salads, or oats.

4 Ways To Stay Trim In A Non-Active Work Environment

Say No to anyone offering you any kind of junk or unhealthy food. Also, carry your own healthy packed food to work. Plan your healthy lunch and snack and add variety to avoid temptation. Next, stay away from the lunch area or kitchen whenever you can. You must also find support with people who are trying to achieve the same goal. Share ideas and work towards it.

Hidden Dangerous Toxins Lurking In Packaged Foods

Anti-freeze, a chemical that has many industrial uses is extensively found in ice creams. Arsenic, causes cancer in living tissues and is widely used in protein powders, wines and breakfast cereals. Boiled beetles and human hair are added to prolong shelf life of food products. Coal tar is found in sodas, chips and pickles and borax in noodles and pasta.

The One Ingredient That’s The Root Cause Of Obesity

Studies suggest emulsifiers, added in processed foods, strip the gastrointestinal tract of good bacteria, blocking the fat-burning process and making the body hold on to fat. Altered gut bacteria leads to inflammatory bowel disease and metabolic syndrome. Help your gut by adding fiber and probiotic rich foods like beans, veggies and greek yogurt.

3 Simple Things Slim People Do To Stay Lean

1. You have to be consistent, be it your diet or the workout regime. If you stop following a routine you will not be able to maintain your shape. 2. Plan your progress, after you lose the desired amount of weight, plan on increasing muscle or endurance. 3. Proper meals are very important, be sure you avid junk and have small meals at regular intervals.

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