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Ntathu writes books about yoga, healthy living and meditation. As a yoga and meditation teacher, she teaches super-busy women, how to relax, unwind knots in your body, calm your mind and feel better. Ntathu runs the blog Yoga Inspires where she gently shares her motivational messages of hope to remind you to love, give, breathe and be. Ntathu lives in the United Kingdom and loves to hear from her readers, so email her at ntathu@yogainspires.co.uk if you have a question about how yoga and meditation can help you love yourself more or just to chat and say hi. In her spare time, Ntathu loves chilling with her three daughters, watching DVDs and snacking on popcorn, home made waffles or good ole fashioned proper dark chocolate and home made cake.

3 Top Benefits Of Face Yoga For Beautiful Skin

Facial yoga provides lot of benefits including providing a beautiful and glowing skin. It is also very cheap compared to the other expensive face creams and other supplements that claim to enhance the skin and make it glow. Facial yoga also helps relax the facial muscles that are stressed a lot during the day and throughout ones lives. Lastly facial yoga helps to create body awareness and self love by focusing on the most important part of your body aesthetically which is the face.

3 Yoga Poses For Weight Lifters To Reduce The Risk Of Injury

Got some exciting news for you – especially, if you are into yoga, weight lifting, or even a competitive weightlifting! And, if you want to...

Can You Do Yoga If You Can’t Do The Downward Dog Pose?

Many people consider downward dog one of the most foundational poses in yoga practice but it is just one of the many poses one may try while practising yoga. Although it is a strenuous pose, some people find that it is their favorite. But for others it proves difficult and unpleasant. With the right instructions, anyone can try downward dog. It provides a deep stretch for the body and also promotes blood flow to the brain, having a calming effect. But, as is the case with any yoga pose, it requires time and patience to find that sweet spot where you can truly relax and breathe in this pose.

Is Yoga A Cardio Exercise?

Out of the 9 fitness components, cardio vascular increases your heart rate and blood circulation. It is of two types. High intensity interval training: involves demanding physical activity and Steady-state moderate intensity cardio: involves exercises at a steady pace for 40–90 minutes. Exercise within 55–85 percent of your maximum heart rate for 20–30 minutes to get a balanced cardio.

Running Vs. Yoga: Benefits For The Brain

Let’s say it was possible for you: To get more stuff done at work with less stress. To be more creative and productive. To...

Yoga Poses Safe For Osteoporosis

If you have been diagnosed with the condition osteoporosis, you might have been advised by your doctor to do exercises to help strengthen your...

Breathing Exercises To Reduce Stress

Sit in a comfortable position, relax your shoulders, and soften your jaw. Close your eyes; slowly breathe in through your nose and breathe out making a long and deep humming sound, just like a humming bee (go hummmmm!). Feel the sound vibrate through your throat and "tickle" your lips. Breathe in slowly and steadily. Continue the same pattern for around 3-5 times.

7 Easy Yoga Poses To Do At Work

Long work hours in offices result in increasing back and neck pains and body stress. Do these 10 yoga poses on your chair to destress at work.

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