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Nick Wilson is a passionate blogger and fitness enthusiast, who believes in healthy living.He loves sharing tips online about health,fitness and works for hghenergizerplus and xtremenodirect, a great place to buy bodybuilding health supplements. As I myself transformed from being a thin and average person to a healthy and confident person and I felt to share and motivate my fellows to achieve a healthy life.

5 Simple Muscle Building Workout Routines For Beginners

5X5 Program: Do 5 sets and 5 repetitions. Facial Stretch Training: Builds physical integrity and prevent physical shocks. German Volume Program: Similar to 5X5 but with a strict diet. Split Training: Concentrates on upper and lower body individually. Complete Workout: Gradual yet effective, includes a schedule for every muscle in the body.

5 Diet Tips To Build Lean Muscle

Protein: Eggs and salmon are always good options. Carbs: Rice and beans are ideally, requirement is based on your volume. Fats: Mono-saturated fats are great for muscle, nuts are a good source. Glycemic Index: Make sure it doesn't spike, keep away processed sugars. Micro-nutrients: Eat nutrient vegetables, fruits and starchy foods.

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