Michael Tamez

Michael Tamez is a lifestyle expert, wellness author/blogger, and healthy living advocate. Michael experienced a 15-year health and life transformation. On his incredible adventure, he lost an astonishing 105 pounds! Using food to heal his body, he also cured his life threatening illnesses without medications or surgery.

Your Body Is Like A Car – Why You Need to Show it Some Love

The body is an intelligent machine of interconnected parts. Your body, like a car, is an intelligent machine. Every part functions individually and also collectively...

Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Kickstart your mornings with a tall glass of lemon-infused water. Not only it will suppress your hunger/cravings, but can help flush out toxins (especially nicotine!) from your body too. Equally beneficial can be to simply brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with mint mouthwash or to chew on mint-flavored toothpicks, at the onset of craving.

How To Create Abundant Happiness And Joy

Depression is a major problem. More people are diagnosed with depression than ever before. Because of this epidemic, many people are taking medications to...

Why You Should Grow Nutritious Alfalfa Sprouts At Home

Rich in essential and trace minerals, alfalfa plants - in sprouting trays or jars at home, can be your go-to energy source. Saponins in these plants help fight cancers, reduce inflammation, inhibit arterial plaque, and neutralize free radicals. Alfalfa is perfect for your weight loss diets - high in fiber and protein and low in calories. It's estrogens enhance bone density, that help prevent osteoporosis.

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