Joel Harvey Schreck

I'm Dr. Shen, to the thousands of visitors to DrShen.com, and I am also Joel Harvey Schreck, acupuncturist and herbologist, dispensing herbs since 1986, and advice about TCM on the web since 1998. I've published articles about TCM,including articles in the California Journal of Oriental Medicine and on acupuncture.com. I was also an adjunct faculty member and lecturer at AIMC,(Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College.) My first book, A Patient's Guide to Chinese Medicine is published by Bay Tree Publications of Berkeley, California. My current book project is Chinese Herbs for Mind and Spirit.

Chinese Herbal Medicine – Powerful Ally To Conventional Cancer Treatment

Chinese herbs can not cure cancer, because there is no word for cancer in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM doctors have historically recognized ‘cancer’ as several distinct diseases rather than a single disease. There is no doubt that cancer, by any name, is well known and well documented throughout Chinese medical literature, as TCM doctors have been dealing with it for millennia.

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