Dr. Gerard C. Buffo

Dr. Buffo specializes in Heart Disease, Cancer, Women’s Health, Lyme Disease and Digestion. He also teaches Ayurveda at the University of Hartford.

Are you Drinking Enough Water? Find Out

What do you, the trees and animals have in common? Failed to guess? You all need water. Every living thing needs water to survive,...

The 3 Essential Steps To Open Your Third Eye

The third eye helps you see what the physical eyes cannot. Improve your metabolic functions with yoga to help more energy flow toward the third eye. Through meditation, visualize your conscious mind finding the third eye. Repeat to yourself "this is where my conscious mind and unconscious mind meet," and imagine the third eye opening. To keep the eye in perfect form, perform psychic exercises.

Erectile Dysfunction – 9 Natural tips That May Help

Natural Cure For Erectile Dysfunction Sexual impotence in men has always been an issue which has caused marriages as well as relationships to be broken. This is...

9 Foods That Boost Libido

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The Magic of Antioxidants

 The constant interaction of the human body, or any other living cells occurring in other plants and animals, with the environment triggers oxygenation; and...

5 Easy Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Having to deal with our everyday life challenges whether as an employer of labour, a factory worker, or a business owner is a huge...

Breast Self-Examination: Why, When and How to Do It?

Breast self-examination is something that many women ignore, but according to many health professionals, it can mean the difference between a long, healthy life...

7 of Nature’s Skincare Remedies

Why smear artificial, costly products over your face when you can use cheap, natural remedies? Nature’s produce is great for all sorts of skin...

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