Erin Peisach

I am a Baltimore born and bred nutritionist with a strong passion for helping people get healthy and stay healthy. I completed my B.S. in Dietetics from the University of Maryland, College Park followed by a clinically based Dietetic Internship at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. I am a Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and have an extensive fitness background. I utilize an integrative and functional health approach to create a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan most suited for each client. This approach focuses on root cause of disease while providing appropriate care for each individual as a whole. My overall nutrition philosophy values nutrient-dense, minimally processed foods that nourish and heal the body from the inside out.

Best Dietary Strategies For PCOS

With early diagnosis and intervention one can modify the natural history of PCOS. By adopting a healthy, low-glycemic diet, controlling blood sugar, and maintaining a healthy body weight, those with PCOS can greatly reduce their risk of developing the previous listed comorbidities.

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